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BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015 Service Manual

BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015 Service Manual

Owner's manual for fifth generation BMW 7 Series (F01). To put the BMW 730d's competitive advantage in context this luxurious vehicle records near identical fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to the Mercedes C320CDi - a car that is two market segments below the BMW 7-Series and is smaller and lighter than the BMW. The impressive performance of the 730d is, in part, possible due to third-generation common-rail direct injection incorporating piezo injectors that operates at a peak pressure of 1,800 bar. This system ensures a near perfect combustion process. Weighing 185kgs the new six-cylinder diesel engine is also 5kgs lighter than its predecessor.


 Audio, Navigation And Anti-Theft


OVERVIEW OF AUDIO COMPONENTS Fig. 1: Overview Of Audio Components (1 Of 2) Speaker (in dashboard) Central Information Display (CID) DVD changer DVD player, rear console Aerial diversity Speake

 Stereo Radio, Amplifier


 Removing Hydraulic Chain Tensioner For Timing Chains On Left Side (N63)

Notes WARNING: Chain tensioner is pre-tensioned. Release lock pin only in installed state. Danger of injury! IMPORTANT: Risk of damage! The engine must not be cranked when the chain tensioner is removed. The timing chain may jump. Necessary preliminary work Remove TIMING CASE COVER at top left

 Instructions For Desiccant Insert Replacement

A desiccant insert that is in a correctly functioning, sealed A/C system does not have to be changed at regular service-inspection intervals. The desiccant bottle or desiccant insert must be replaced in the event of the refrigerant being fouled by chips (e.g. mechanical damage to the compressor

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