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BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015 Service Manual

BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015 Service Manual

Service manual for fifth generation BMW 7 Series (F01).  This manual is designed to make life easier for drivers, not only for beginners, but also for experienced ones. You will become familiar with the basic techniques for safe driving, as well as recommendations for diagnostics, repair and maintenance of individual components and assemblies. A practical guide will help you avoid many troubles on the road. Here we provide expert recommendations that will help "extend the life" of your car, make its use more comfortable and save on repairs.


 Audio, Navigation And Anti-Theft


OVERVIEW OF AUDIO COMPONENTS Fig. 1: Overview Of Audio Components (1 Of 2) Speaker (in dashboard) Central Information Display (CID) DVD changer DVD player, rear console Aerial diversity Speake

 Stereo Radio, Amplifier


 Lowering/Raising Rear Axle Support

Notes IMPORTANT: Before lowering rear axle support: Observe SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS on raising the vehicle. In order to avoid damage to lifting platform, perform weight compensation on vehicle. Load luggage compartment with sand bags. Necessary preliminary tasks Remove REAR WHEELS F03 only: Remove

 Connecting mobile devices to the vehicle

Vehicle features and options This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily available in your vehicle, e.g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to

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