BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Chassis And Suspension


 New Chassis Systems For F01/02

Through intelligent design layout and optimum package space utilization on the new F01/F02, the basis has been created for distinctly increasing the driving dynamics while improving comfort and vehi

 System Overview

Front Axle A double wishbone front axle as known from the E70 and E71 is now also fitted in the F01/F02. In comparison with the double pivot spring strut front axle on the E65, this front axle desi

 System Components

General The chassis and suspension is subdivided into the main components that are described in more detail in the following: Front axle Rear axle Damping/suspension Brakes Steering Wheels/tir


 Blind spot collision warning- Warning function

Light in the exterior mirror Prewarning The dimmed light in the exterior mirror indicates when there are vehicles in the blind spot or approaching from behind. Acute warning When the turn signal is switched on while a vehicle is in the critical zone, the steering wheel vibrates briefly and the lig

 Circular Connector, 7-Pin, 8-Pin, System D2.5

Notes Carefully pull off rubber grommet (1). Carefully press back retaining lugs (2) of internal connector (3). Fig. 52: Pressing Back Retaining Lugs Of Internal Connector Slide internal connector (3) in direction of arrow until retaining lugs (2) lock into locking groove (4). Fig. 53: Sliding I

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