BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Chassis Dynamics


 Chassis And Suspension

 New Chassis Systems For F01/02

Through intelligent design layout and optimum package space utilization on the new F01/F02, the basis has been created for distinctly increasing the driving dynamics while improving comfort and vehi

 System Overview

Front Axle A double wishbone front axle as known from the E70 and E71 is now also fitted in the F01/F02. In comparison with the double pivot spring strut front axle on the E65, this front axle desi


 Removing And Refitting/Replacing Pressure Line On Swivel Motor VA2

Notes WARNING: DANGER OF POISONING if oil is ingested/absorbed through the skin! RISK OF INJURY if oil comes into contact with eyes and skin! IMPORTANT: Adhere to the utmost cleanliness. Do not allow any dirt to enter the hydraulic system. Do not draw off hydraulic fluid (risk of contamination).

 General Information On Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

NOTE: Do not connect the charger to the 12 V charging socket. The 12 V charging socket is supplied with voltage by the rear power distribution box via relay. This relay drops out after terminal 15 OFF. This means that a trickle charger connected at the 12 V charging socket will be disconnected fro

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