BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Chassis Dynamics


 Chassis And Suspension

 New Chassis Systems For F01/02

Through intelligent design layout and optimum package space utilization on the new F01/F02, the basis has been created for distinctly increasing the driving dynamics while improving comfort and vehi

 System Overview

Front Axle A double wishbone front axle as known from the E70 and E71 is now also fitted in the F01/F02. In comparison with the double pivot spring strut front axle on the E65, this front axle desi


 (Safety) Information On AGM Battery

Fig. 188: Identifying AGM Battery Introduction In September 2002, the first so-called VRLA batteries, better known as AGM batteries came into use. (VRLA means V alve R egulated L ead A cid, i.e. lead acid battery with pressure relief valve; AGM stands for A bsorbent G lass M at, i.e. absorbent gl

 Follow Notes On Handling Led Lights (High-Performance Led)

WARNING: All LEDs with visible light have a certain secondary risk potential due to their dazzling effect: If possible, do not look directly into the LED radiation without eye protection - and above all not for extended periods. After looking into bright LED sources, temporary visual impairment an

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