BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Vertical Dynamics Systems



New Generation of Familiar Systems General Nowadays, the dynamic handling systems are subdivided into three groups according to the co-ordinate axis that their function relates to. Development conti

 Active Roll Stabilization (ARS)

General Information Active Roll Stabilization was first fitted on the 7 Series predecessor, the E65/E66, and has been used in similar form since on the E6x and E7x models. This section only describe


Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) Control Unit The VDM control unit is located in the passenger compartment near the right-hand A-pillar. The VDM control unit receives its power supply via Terminal 15N


 Carrying Over Hole Pattern

When replacing a body component, it is necessary to carry over the hole pattern from the existing body to the new component. The following pictures are a schematic representation of carrying over the hole pattern on the example of the front wheel arch. Necessary preliminary tasks Adjust new part

 Reinforcement Plate With Stud Bolt (Bonded)

In the case of a partial replacement piece, a body component is cut at a point described in the repair instructions. A reinforcement plate is bonded in to ensure sufficient strength. Reinforcement plates are available as new parts and must also be used. NOTE: The following graphics serve as genera

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