BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: For Your Own Safety

Intended use

Heed the following when using the vehicle:

  • Owner's Manual.
  • Information on the vehicle. Do not remove stickers.
  • Technical vehicle data.
  • The traffic, speed, and safety laws where the vehicle is driven.
  • Vehicle documents and statutory documents


Your vehicle is technically configured for the operating conditions and registration requirements applying in the country of first delivery, also known as homologation. If your vehicle is to be operated in a different country it might be necessary to adapt your vehicle to potentially differing operating conditions and registration requirements.

If your vehicle does not comply with the homologation requirements in a certain country you may not be able to lodge warranty claims for your vehicle there. Further information on warranty is available from a service center.


 Maintenance and repairs

Advanced technology, for instance the use of modern materials and high-performance elecelectronics, requires suitable maintenance and repair work. The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends that you

 Service and warranty

We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Your vehicle is covered by the following warranties: New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Rust Perforation Limited Warranty. Federal Emissions Syst

 Data memory


 System Functions

The BMW Night Vision 2 System Principle The BMW Night Vision 2 camera is a heat image camera that converts thermal radiation into electronic signals. The thermal image is converted first by the sensor into electrical signals and then, with the aid of imageprocessing software, into a visible image

 Vacuum Pump

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING VACUUM PUMP (N63) IMPORTANT: Installation note: Due to the risk of damage to the engine gaskets/seals and the lack of brake boosting, make sure before starting the engine that all the vacuum lines are connected. Vacuum pump is fitted on cylinder head 1 to 4 at rear

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