BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Brake Lights


Remove supplementary brake light cover (1) in direction of arrow from molded roofliner (2).

Brake Lights
Fig. 93: Removing Supplementary Brake Light Cover From Molded Roofliner

Installation: Guides (1) and catches (2) must not be damaged.

Make sure cover is correctly seated on supplementary brake light (3).

Brake Lights
Fig. 94: Identifying Supplementary Brake Light With Catches And Guides

Unfasten plug connection (1) and disconnect.

If necessary, unclip plug connections (2) on supplementary brake light (4).

Unlock slide (3) on both sides and remove supplementary brake light (4) in direction of arrow from rear window (5).

Installation: Make sure supplementary brake light (4) is correctly positioned in rear window (5).

Brake Lights
Fig. 95: Removing Supplementary Brake Light From Rear Window


     Interior Lights

     Removing And Installing/Renewing Footwell Light

    Lever footwell light (1) in direction of arrow out of panel for pedals (2). Disconnect plug connection behind and remove footwell light (1). Fig. 96: Removing Footwell Light Lever footwell light (1)

     Removing And Installing/Replacing Complete Interior Roof Light (Rear)

    Notes Carefully lever out interior roof light (1) in direction of arrow with special tool 00 9 317. Fig. 101: Removing Interior Roof Light Using Special Tool 00 9 317 Disconnect plug connection (1)


     Removing And Installing/Replacing Middle Pedestrian Protection Sensor

    WARNING: Observe SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS for handling gas generators. Incorrect handling can activate pedestrian protection and cause injury. Necessary preliminary work Disconnect BATTERY CABLE Remove BASEPLATE FOR NUMBER PLATE Remove ORNAMENTAL GRILLE IN BUMPER TRIM. Release screws (1). Tighteni

     Replacing Wiring Harness Section For Ignition And Injectors (N63)

    IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on protection against damage from electrostatic damage (ESD protection). Necessary preliminary work Read out the fault memory of the DME control unit. Switch off ignition. Disconnect BATTERY EARTH LEAD. Remove left and right INTAKE SILENCER HOUSINGS. Remo

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