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BMW 7 Series: Advantages Of The Ulf System


  • Once a phone is paired to the system it will be able to automatically connect to the Bluetooth wireless network of the vehicle, the next time it is introduced into the vehicle and the vehicle ignition is on.
  • Up to four different Bluetooth phones can be paired to the system at one time, although only one phone can be wirelessly connected at any time.
  • The phone does not need to be inserted into a phone specific cradle in order to be integrated into the vehicle.
  • The phone can remain in a briefcase, purse, glove box, etc.; as long as it is turned on and located within the interior of the vehicle.
  • The MFL buttons on the steering wheel can be utilized to place or receive a call, to scroll the phone book and select a number or activate voice recognition in order to dial a number via voice command.
  • A voice recognition system is integrated into the ULF control module and can be activated by depressing the send/receive button.
  • The communications protocol of Bluetooth wireless technology is standardized irrespective of the manufacturer, this therefore allows various mobile telephones that utilize Bluetooth wireless technology and a recognized profile to be connected to the ULF System.

System Overview

A ULF system consists of a control module, microphone, Bluetooth antenna, a standalone pairing (send/receive) button, or eject box with a coin tray insert.

ULF System Overview

Advantages Of The Ulf System
Fig. 3: ULF Control Module System Components

ULF Control Module

The ULF module forms the interface between the Bluetooth mobile phone and the electronic system in the vehicle. The mobile phone with the embedded Bluetooth wireless technology is the transceiver, this requires that the phone be activated, paired and present within the vehicle network in order to place or receive a call in the vehicle.

Oddment Tray

The oddment tray, which is connected to the ULF control module via the vehicles wiring harness, serves the purpose of: Housing the send/receive or pairing button, which must be depressed to activate the pairing procedure between the phone and the control module.

Advantages Of The Ulf System
Fig. 4: Identifying Oddment Tray Button

Pairing Button

A stand-alone send/receive or pairing button is supplied for the 3 Series in order to retain the cup holders.

The button provides the same function as the send/receive button on the steering wheel, plus is the button that must be depressed to activate the pairing procedure between the phone and the control module.

Advantages Of The Ulf System
Fig. 5: Identifying Pairing Button

Bluetooth Antenna

The Bluetooth antenna operates on a frequency of 2.45 GHZ and is installed in the interior compartment of the vehicle. This antenna provides the wireless interface between the Bluetooth enabled phone and the ULF Control Module.


     System Operation

     Initial Operation

    Prior to using the system for the first time, the Bluetooth mobile phone that is to be used must be paired with the ULF control module. This pairing procedure is necessary in order to assign the dig

     System Functions

    The mobile phone must always be activated, paired and present within the Bluetooth network in order to place or receive a call through the vehicle. Indicator Lamps The indicator lamps show the follow


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