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BMW 7 Series: Electrical Sun Roof Components


NOTE: Initialization comprises:

  • Normalization
  • Learning characteristic curve

The mechanical end positions are recorded and stored during normalization.

The characteristic curve is learnt immediately after normalization.

When the characteristic curve is learnt, the mechanical closing forces of the glass sunroof are recorded and stored for correct operation of the anti-trapping mechanism.

Initialization is started and implemented by pressing and holding switch in "Lift" direction.

Initialization depends on installed roof system and software used.

NOTE: Then carry out initialization:

  • if the glass sunroof has been mechanically moved by means of the emergency actuator
  • in the event of malfunctions, e.g. no one-touch function, no opening or no comfort function possible
  • after disengagement of the drive unit
  • after work is carried out on the mechanism of the glass sunroof
  • after the control unit has been replaced
  • after replacement of circumferential gasket

WARNING: The anti-trapping mechanism is not active during initialization.

For correct initialization and function, the following conditions must be met:

  • Ignition ON
  • at room temperature (23ºC +- 5ºC)
  • No direct solar radiation
  • only when vehicle is at a standstill
  • Fully charged vehicle battery
  • in addition, for US vehicles, let engine run to enable key, if necessary

NOTE: Subsequently described processes relate to a completely closed roof system.

However, initialization can be started from any position.

Initialization process

  • Move switch in "Lift" direction and hold (roof system moves to "Lift" position)
  • In the event of delayed starting or sudden stopping of the glass sunroof, continue pressing the switch in the "Lift" direction

Electrical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 37: Locating Switch

NOTE: Hold switch depressed for entire process.

Electrical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 38: Lifting Glass Sunroof

  • After reaching the fully raised position (A), keep the switch pressed for approx. 30 seconds further (initialization process starts)
  • Glass sunroof moves briefly from lift end position (A) in direction of position (B)
  • Shading system (floating headlining) closes completely
  • Shading system (floating headlining) opens completely
  • Glass sunroof moves to "Closed" position
  • Glass sunroof then moves to "Open" end position and immediately back to "Closed" position
  • After a brief pause, shading system closes completely

NOTE: Once glass roof and shading system have closed completely, initialization is finished. Switch can be released.


  • If the switch is released in the meantime, the entire procedure must be repeated
  • On completion of successful initialization, the corresponding messages in the check control and the control display go out
  • Carry out function check (tip function, anti-trapping protection and, if necessary, comfort function)



WARNING: Danger of injury! When installed, the gas pressurized shock absorber is under preload. Minimize preload as far as possible before removing.

IMPORTANT: Never lift off ball socket with engaged clamp.


  1. Push on clamp in direction of groove with screwdriver
  2. Lift off ball socket from ball pin
  3. Slide clamp back
  4. Fit ball socket on ball stud and snap into place with force

Installation note: Replace overstretched clips.

Pack grease into two opposite positions in socket.

The grease spreads after installation on the ball pin all round in the ball socket.

Fig. 39: Removing Ball Socket With Clip


     Slide/Tilt Sunroof And Convertible Top

    FITTING AID Fitting aid MW SI number 01 13 10 (652) Fig. 1: Identifying Fitting Aid (540250) PIN Pin MW Note: (Centering pins) Contents 2 pieces. For installing (centering) glass slide/tilt sunroof.

     Steering And Wheel Alignment

     Electronic Chassis Alignment


     USB/Audio Interface

    The "USB/audio interface" supports the playback of audio files stored on mass storage devices with USB connections such as USB sticks, MP3 players etc. USB is a serial bus system that allows fast and simple connection of terminal devices to computer systems. The mass storage medium can be found

     Information On Replacing Shock Absorbers

    Situation When a shock absorber is faulty on one side (leaking, noises, etc.), often both shock absorbers on the axle in question are replaced. Effect This is not necessary for technical reasons and causes the manufacturer not to recognize the unnecessarily removed shock absorbers as defective par

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