BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Oil Cooler Lines


 Flushing Transmission Oil Cooler With Lines (Automatic Transmission)

Notes NOTE: Carry out the work steps listed when: Installing a new or replacement transmission. Flushing can only be carried out with the automatic transmission removed. Procedure Automatic transmiss

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Feed And Return Lines For Engine Oil Cooler (N63)

WARNING: Risk of scalding! Only perform this repair work after engine has cooled down. IMPORTANT: Wear protective gloves and safety goggles. IMPORTANT: Adhere to conditions of absolute cleanliness whe

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Gearbox Oil Cooler For Automatic Transmission (N63, N74)

IMPORTANT: Risk of scalding! Only perform this repair work after engine has cooled down. Necessary preliminary work Drain COOLANT. Remove FAN COWL. Recycling Catch and dispose of drained coolant i


 Replacing Crankshaft Pulse Generator (N63)

Necessary preliminary work Read out the fault memory of the DME control unit. Switch off ignition. Remove rear UNDERBODY PROTECTION. Installation location On transmission housing at bottom right. Release connector (1) and remove. Release screw (2). Tightening torque 13 62 4AZ. Withdraw puls

 Higher-level Dynamic Handling Control

Centralized Dynamic Handling Control The interventions by the dynamic handling control systems are performed with the aim of improving agility and traction. Quite obviously, they also re-stabilize the vehicle when required. On previous vehicles the various functions were performed by a number of d

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