BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Propeller Shaft Assembly


 Overview Of Propeller Shaft

Fig. 1: Overview Of Propeller Shaft Complete Propeller Shaft Flexible Disc Centring mount Centre mount REMOVING AND INSTALLING COMPLETE PROPELLER SHAFT (FLEXIBLE DISC AT REAR) Necessary prelimi

 Removing And Installing Three-Hole Flange

Notes IMPORTANT: It is absolutely necessary to replace the sunk nut! The sunk nut already has a screw locking. After the propeller shaft has been screwed into the rear axle final drive (sunk nut), a

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Front Centering Mount For Propeller Shaft

Necessary preliminary work Remove PROPELLER SHAFT. Completely fill centering bore hole (1) with viscous grease. Drive special tool 11 1 310 with a plastic hammer into centering bore hole. The cen



Unlocking/locking the Vehicle The vehicle unlocking/locking procedure is initiated by the following system components: ID transmitter Mechanical key/spare key Exterior trunk button (only unlocks the trunk) Central-lock button Interior trunk button on the A-pillar (only unlocks the trunk) Out

 Replacing Center Mount Gaiter

Necessary preliminary work Remove PROPELLER SHAFT. NOTE: The propeller shaft is balanced. The front and rear propeller shafts must be reassembled in the same position. Detach gaiter (1) from groove (2). Mark front propeller shaft (3) and rear propeller shaft (4) in one plane. Fig. 25: Marking

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