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BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015 Service Manual / Audio, Navigation And Anti-Theft

BMW 7 Series: Audio, Navigation And Anti-Theft



OVERVIEW OF AUDIO COMPONENTS Fig. 1: Overview Of Audio Components (1 Of 2) Speaker (in dashboard) Central Information Display (CID) DVD changer DVD player, rear console Aerial diversity Speake

 Stereo Radio, Amplifier

 Removing And Installing (Replacing) Head Unit

IMPORTANT: Risk of damage! There is a hard disk installed in the head unit. Carry out mechanical work on the head unit and adjacent components with care. Avoid subjecting the head unit to vibration/


 Leak Detection With Forming Gas

NOTE: Leak detection with forming gas replaces the leak detection that is prohibited in EU countries using UV. Observe national regulations in all other countries! IMPORTANT: Compliance with the manufacturer's operating instructions provided in the equipment case is absolutely mandatory! Read and

 Tire identification marks

Tire size 245/45 R 18 96 Y 245: nominal width in mm 45: aspect ratio in % R: radial tire code 18: rim diameter in inches 96: load rating, not for ZR tires Y: speed rating, before the R on ZR tires Maximum tire load Maximum tire load is the maximum permissible weight for which the tire is approved.

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