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BMW 7 Series: Comfort Access



Keyless Vehicle Access Using Comfort Access, the customer can unlock and open the vehicle without active use of the ID transmitter. Access to the vehicle can be gained from any point. It is importan

 System Overview

Input/Output - Comfort Access Fig. 1: Comfort Access Input/Output Diagram COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION CHART CAS 4 Car Access System 4 Footwell module (FRM) Junction box electronics (JB) Emergency sta


Function Overview Comfort Access is divided into the following functions: Passive Entry Passive Go Passive Exit. ID transmitters are required for Comfort Access to function. An ID transmitter co


 Car Information Computer

Fig. 5: Front View Of CIC The design principle of the CIC is similar to a personal computer, the Car Information Computer contains a processor, RAM (memory) modules and other peripheral components. The following CIC applications are stored on the integrated hard disk drive: Music collection Mus

 Output Shaft

NOTES ON REMOVING AND INSTALLING LOW PROFILE BAND CLAMPS Notes IMPORTANT: During removal Low Profile band clamp (dotted line) is overstretched and must not be reused! Fig. 82: Identifying Low Profile Band Clamp (Dotted Line) Removing Place special tool 31 5 200 on tabs (1, 2). NOTE: Make sure that

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