BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Mechanical Sun Roof Components


 Adjusting Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof Cover

Ideal setting Distance: Distance (A) between lid and roof at front and rear must be the same. Insert special tool 00 9 341 between gasket and cover. This check (sliding in and pulling ou

 Removing And Installing Complete Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof (Frame)

Necessary preliminary work Remove HEADLINING NOTE: Fold back both front seat backrests completely towards rear Remove glass slide/tilt sunroof with aid of a second person. Installation note:

 Removing And Installing/Renewing Gasket For Water Gutter

Necessary preliminary work Remove GLASS SLIDE/TILT SUNROOF COVER Remove gasket (1). Installation note: Make sure gasket (1) is correctly mounted. Centre gasket (1) on left and right and press dow


 Distance Systems, Cruise Control And Park Distance Control

DISTANCE SYSTEMS, CRUISE CONTROL OPPS DEVICE OPPS device MW Note: (OPS package) (complete set) Consisting of: 1 = 0495304 OPS device NOTE: To order the OPS devices, please contact the appropriate SIEMENS hotline. 2 = 0495305 Cable NOTE: (OBD cable, incl. CAN line) 3 = 0495306 Adapter cable NOTE: (L

 Removing Entry Profile Section On Loading Ramp, Left, Right And Center

CAUTION: Before drilling out rivets, drive in rivet pins with a punch. Drill out rivets (1). Remove entry profile section (2) towards front. Fig. 62: Identifying Profile Section On Loading Ramp And Rivets REMOVING LEFT OR RIGHT SHOCK ABSORBER Inspect the shock absorber while installed to ascertain

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