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BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) 2008-2015 Service Manual / Slide/Tilt Roof / Mechanical Sun Roof Components / Removing And Installing Complete Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof (Frame)

BMW 7 Series: Removing And Installing Complete Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof (Frame)

Necessary preliminary work



  • Fold back both front seat backrests completely towards rear
  • Remove glass slide/tilt sunroof with aid of a second person.

Installation note:

  • Powerlok screws must be replaced and must not be reused
  • Powerlok screws are mechanical screw locks with trilobular threads

Unlock plug connection (1) from front drive and disconnect.

Mechanical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 6: Identifying Plug Connection Of Front Drive

Unlock plug connections (1) and disconnect.

Unclip all cable clips.

Installation note: If necessary, replace cable clips.

Mechanical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 7: Locating Cable Clips

Mechanical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 8: Locating Front And Rear Drain Hoses

  • Pull off front and rear water drain hoses.
  • Helper must hold glass slide/tilt sunroof to prevent it falling out.
  • Release screws in marked area and carefully lower glass slide/tilt sunroof.

Installation note:

Screws have different lengths:

In the area (1) = 17 mm
In the area (2) = 23 mm

IMPORTANT: Do not damage any surrounding parts when removing the glass slide/tilt sunroof.

  • Carefully remove glass slide/tilt sunroof from vehicle (through rear door).

Installation note:

Replace screws.

To stop squeaking noises, secure all screws (1) prior to installation with plastic washers (2).

If the standard screws can no longer grip, use "repair screws" (have larger threads).

Mechanical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 9: Identifying Plastic Washers With Screw

Mechanical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 10: Identifying Special Tool 54 1 110

Installation note:

To align glass slide/tilt sunroof to body aperture, insert screws and tighten loosely.

Glass slide/tilt sunroof must still be able to move in the body aperture.

On account of leaks, glass slide/tilt sunroof must be exactly aligned to body aperture.

Insert special tool 54 1 110 into centering bores up to stop in glass slide/tilt sunroof and body.

Tighten down screws.

Tightening torque 54 12 02AZ.

IMPORTANT: Do not crush any cables when fitting the glass slide/tilt sunroof.

INITIALIZE glass slide/tilt sunroof.


Necessary preliminary work

  • Remove GAITER on left and right

Installation note:

  • Microencapsulated screws (Loctite) must be replaced and may not be reused
  • Screw connection must be completed within 20 minutes (start of hardening)
  • Microencapsulated screws must not be retightened
  • Clean thread of nut beforehand in event of repeated use

Release left and right screws (1).

Remove glass slide/tilt sunroof cover (2) towards top.

Installation note: Replace screws (1).

Insert screws (1) but do not tighten down yet.

Adjust and initialize glass slide/tilt sunroof cover.

Mechanical Sun Roof Components
Fig. 11: Identifying Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof Cover With Screws


     Removing And Installing/Renewing Gasket For Water Gutter

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     Removing And Installing/Renewing Rain Gutter For Glass Slide/Tilt Sunroof

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     Replacing Carriage For Rain Channel On Left And Right

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     Stationary Wheel Balancing

    Necessary preliminary work Remove WHEEL IMPORTANT: Use only BMW-approved balance weights. Remove any fitted balancing weights, stones in tread pattern and larger contaminants. Check tire inflation pressure and tire for condition, damage, flat spots (out-of-round caused by e.g. parking of vehic

     Replacing Suction Line For Power Steering (From Fluid Reservoir To Connecting Piece)

    WARNING: DANGER OF POISONING if oil is ingested/absorbed through the skin! RISK OF INJURY if oil comes into contact with eyes and skin! IMPORTANT: Adhere to the utmost cleanliness. Do not allow any dirt to enter the hydraulic system. Close off line connections with seal plugs. Recycling Catch and

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