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BMW 7 Series: Drive, Seat Adjustment


Drive, Seat Adjustment

Drive, Seat Adjustment

Notes on initializing electric seat actuator drives

NOTE: Initialization is carried out at the adjusting switch of the relevant seat.

In this process, the end positions of the relevant electric seat actuator drive are recorded and stored.

An initialization must be performed:

  • After replacing a drive unit for seat adjustment.
  • After replacing/programming control unit for seat adjustment.

Operating sequence for initialization:

Move corresponding seat actuator drive(s) into both end positions.


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Drive Unit For Backrest Angle Adjustment

Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove DRIVER'S or PASSENGER seat. Remove REAR PANEL ON FRONT SEAT BACKREST Remove COVERS ON FRONT SEAT If necessary, disengage backrest cover (1) on left and right i

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Drive For Backrest Tilt Adjustment (Comfort Seats In Rear Compartment)

Necessary preliminary tasks Partially remove LEFT OR RIGHT BACKREST COVER Installation Powerlok screws must be replaced and must not be reused Powerlok screws are mechanical screw locks with tri

 Removing And Installing/Replacing Drive Unit For Seat Height Adjustment

Necessary preliminary tasks Remove driver's or passenger seat. Set down front seat sideways on a suitable surface. Disconnect plug connection (1). Unfasten screws (2). Tightening torque 67 31 1AZ


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Right Charge Air Cooler (N63)

WARNING: Risk of scalding! Only perform this repair work after engine has cooled down! Necessary preliminary work Remove ACOUSTIC COVER Remove front UNDERBODY PROTECTION. Remove FAN COWL. Drain coolant for charge air cooler. Release clamp (1). Tightening torque 13 71 8AZ. Release clamp (2).

 Use Of Materials In Outer Skin

The following illustration is a schematic representation of all the body variants. Apply this illustration to the relevant vehicle. Fig. 76: Identifying Vehicle Components All components not listed in the table below are composed of established sheet steel qualities. MATERIAL CHART VEHICLE IDE

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