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BMW 7 Series: Service Information


Several important functions can be checked directly at the CIC with the aid of the Service menu. This menu can be used to select and adjust settings that are not visible for the customer.

The procedure for starting the Service menu with the "safe grip" has changed compared to the CCC system:

  • Call up Start menu
  • Push controller in up direction for at least 10 s
  • Controller 3 notches to the right
  • Controller 3 notches to the left
  • Controller 1 notch to the right
  • Controller 1 notch to the left
  • Controller 1 notch to the right
  • Press controller once
  • The Service menu is now added as the last submenu to "Settings"

Four selection menus are available in the Service menu of the CIC:

  • Navigation
  • Telephone and BMW Service
  • TV (Not for US)
  • Gracenote

Service Information
Fig. 77: Service Menu Hidden

Service Information
Fig. 78: Service Menu "Unlocked"

NOTE: Although it appears in the Service menu, TV is not available on US vehicles.


Service Information
Fig. 79: CIC Service Menu With Navigation Item Selected


Service Information

NOTE: Although it appears in the Service menu, TV is not available on US vehicles.

Telephone and BMW Service

Service Information
Fig. 80: CIC Service Menu With Telephone And BMW Service Selected


Service Information

NOTE: Although it appears in the Service menu, TV is not available on US vehicles.


Service Information
Fig. 81: Screen Shot Of TV Sub-Menu In Service Menu

There are five sub-menus which can be selected under the TV sub-menu:

  • Ch = channel currently tuned in
  • Frequency in MHz
  • Channel information (transmission standard, bandwidth and program name)
  • DVB-T parameter (modulation type, analog, digital TV distinction)
  • Antenna information (field strength in dBμV (Decibel micro Volt)

NOTE: Although it appears in the Service menu, TV is not available on US vehicles.


Service Information
Fig. 82: Sub-Menu For Gracenote Under Service Menu

The music track database can be updated under the menu item Gracenote.

Once the update CD has been loaded in the CIC drive, it is possible to compare the currently installed data status with the data status of the CD in the Service menu selection (See illustration below).

If the CD corresponds to the current status, the latest version of the Gracenote music track database is downloaded after selecting "Start installation". The previous version is overwritten.

Service Information
Fig. 83: Identifying Gracenote Database CD

No data is added to unrecognized music tracks. The update only serves the purpose of identifying music tracks in connection with future music data storage converted with the aid of the rip function.

Service Information
Fig. 84: Sub-Menu For Gracenote/Start Installation Under Service Menu


The Car Information Computer can be reset by pressing the rotary push button (ON button) for 25 seconds.

After 25 seconds, the control display becomes blank as a confirmation that the CIC is being restarted.

Service Information
Fig. 85: CIC Start Screen After Successful Reset

NOTE: When resetting the MOST control unit, the MOST gateway is muted for 2 seconds.


Programming the CIC is done with the use of the respective optical testing and programming interface modules.

The interface modules OP(P)S or ICOM (A+B) are simultaneously connected to the OBD interface and to the MOST interface of the vehicle.


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