BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Car Information Computer



The Car Information Computer (CIC) is incorporates many innovations and new features. The system has been introduced to the US market on the 1 Series and the 3 Series from September of 2008 producti

 System Overview

Fig. 2: CIC System Block Diagram CIC SYSTEM EXPLANATION CHART Central information display (CID) Car Information Computer (CIC) User interface (BO) Application software Hardware Fig. 3: Bus Ov

 System Components


 Checking Camshaft Timing On Right Side (N63)

Notes IMPORTANT: The timing can only be checked with special tool 11 9 900. The timing may be misinterpreted if it is checked without special tool 11 9 900. Cylinders 1-4: Necessary preliminary work Remove right CYLINDER HEAD COVER Remove FAN COWL with electric fan Remove BELT PULLEY for air co

 Removing And Installing Complete Independent Heater

WARNING: Risk of scalding! Only perform the following repair work on an engine that has cooled down. Follow Notes for Repair Work on Cooling System. NOTE: Clamp off coolant hoses on independent heater. Recycling Fuel escapes when fuel line is detached. Have a suitable collecting vessel ready. Cat

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