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BMW 7 Series: Flat Tire Monitor FTM


The system detects tire inflation pressure loss on the basis of rotation speed differences between the individual wheels while driving.

In the event of a tire inflation pressure loss, the diameter and therefore the rotational speed of the corresponding wheel changes. The difference will be detected and reported as a flat tire.

The system does not measure the actual inflation pressure in the tires.

Functional requirements

The following conditions must be met for the system; otherwise, reliable flagging of a loss of tire inflation pressure is not assured:

  • After a tire or wheel replacement, an initialization was performed with the correct tire inflation pressure.
  • After the tire pressure was adjusted to a new value, an initialization was performed.

Status display

The current status of the Flat Tire Monitor FTM can be displayed, for instance whether the FTM is active.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Vehicle status"
  3.   "Flat Tire Monitor"

The status is displayed.

Initialization required

An initialization must be performed in the following situations:

  • After the tire inflation pressure has been adjusted.
  • After a tire or wheel replacement.

Performing initialization

When initializing, the set tire inflation pressures serve as reference values in order to detect a flat tire. Initialization is started by confirming the tire inflation pressures.

Do not initialize the system when driving with snow chains.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Vehicle status"
  3. "Flat Tire Monitor"
  4. Switch on drive-ready state and do not drive off.
  5. Start the initialization with: "Perform reset"
  6. Drive away.

The initialization is completed while driving, which can be interrupted at any time.

The initialization automatically continues when driving resumes.


General information

When a flat tire is indicated, DSC Dynamic Stability Control is switched on, if needed.

Safety information


A damaged regular tire with low or missing tire inflation pressure impacts handling, such as steering and braking response. Run-flat tires can maintain limited stability. There is a risk of accident. Do not continue driving if the vehicle is equipped with normal tires. Follow the information on run-flat tires and continued driving with these tires.

Indication of a flat tire

A yellow warning light is
illuminated in the instrument cluster.

In addition, a symbol with a Check Control message appears on the Control Display.

There is a flat tire or a major
loss in tire inflation pressure.


  1. Reduce your speed and stop cautiously.

    Avoid sudden braking and steering maneuvers.

  2. Check whether the vehicle is fitted with normal tires or run-flat tires.

    Run-flat tires are labeled with a circular symbol containing the letters RSC marked on the tire's sidewall.

    Run-flat tires


     Tire pressure monitor- Actions in the event of a flat tire

    Normal tires Identify the damaged tire. To do this, check the tire inflation pressure in all four tires, for instance using the tire pressure gage of a flat tire kit. When the tire inflation pre

     Changing wheels/tires

    General information When using run-flat tires or a flat tire kit, a wheel does not always need to be changed immediately when there is a loss of tire inflation pressure due to a flat tire. If needed,

     Changing wheels/tires- Jacking up the vehicle

    Warning Hands and fingers can be jammed when using the vehicle jack. There is a risk of injury. Comply with the described hand position and do not change this position while using the vehicle jack.


     System Overview

    Anti-theft System Circuit Diagram Fig. 34: Anti-Theft System Circuit Diagram COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION CHART Hood switch Car Access System 4 (CAS4) Anti-theft system (DWA) LED Junction Box electronics (JB) Front power distribution box Door contact, passenger's door Door contact, rear passenger

     System Overview

    Input/output Diagram, Steering Column Switch Cluster Fig. 125: Steering Column Switch Cluster Input/Output Diagram COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION CHART Steering column stalk for turn-indicator/high-beam switch Steering column switch cluster (SZL) Steering column stalk wiper switch Footwell module (FRM

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