BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Status information

General information

The status field can be found in the upper area of the Control Display. Status information is displayed in the form of symbols.

Radio symbols

Symbol /Meaning

HD Radio station is being

- Satellite radio is switched on.

Telephone symbols

Symbol /Meaning

- Incoming or outgoing call.

-Missed call.

- Signal strength of cellular

- Network search.

- Cellular network is not

-The critical charge state of the
mobile phone has been reached.

- Roaming is active.

- Locating is active.

- SMS text message received.

- Message received.

Symbol /Meaning

- Reminder.

- Sending not possible.

Entertainment symbols

Symbol /Meaning

- Music hard disk.

-Bluetooth audio.

- USB storage device.


Other symbols

Symbol /Meaning

- Check Control message.

- Sound output active.

- Sound output deactivated.

- Voice activation system active.

- Request for the current vehicle

- Checking the current vehicle

- Driver profile.

- Messages.

- Service notifications.

- Information.

- Stop.

- Data protection.

Programmable memory buttons

General information

The iDrive functions can be stored on the programmable memory buttons and called up directly, for instance radio stations, navigation destinations, phone numbers and menu entries or pages in the Integrated Owner's Manual.

Settings are stored for the driver profile currently used.


Programmable memory buttons

Programmable memory buttons

Storing a function

A function can be stored on a programmable memory button. A button with a stored function can be overwritten with another function.

  1. Select function via iDrive, for instance radio station.
  2. Press and hold the desired
    button until the displayed bar on the Control Display has loaded completely.

Executing a function

Press the button.

The function will work immediately. This means, for instance that the number is dialed when a phone number is selected.

Displaying the key assignment

Touch buttons with finger. Do not wear gloves or use objects.

The assignment of the buttons is displayed in the upper area of the Control Display.

Deleting all button assignments

All button assignments can be deleted.

  1. Press and hold buttons 1 and simultaneously for approx. 5 seconds.
  2.  "OK"


     Control Display and Controller

    Concept The iDrive functions are displayed on the Control Display. The Control Display can be operated using the Controller, touchpad, and touch screen. Overview Control Display with touchscreen

     Operating via the Controller

    Opening the main menu Press the button. The main menu is displayed. Selecting a menu Selecting menu items Turn the Controller until the desired menu item is highlighted.  Press the Controll

     Operation via touchpad

    General information Some iDrive functions can be operated using the touchpad on the Controller. Selecting functions Via iDrive: "CAR" "Settings"  "General settings" "Touchpad" Select the de


     Checking Fuel Tank And Tank Ventilation System For Leaks

    Notes NOTE: The following procedure is only applicable to vehicles without the tank leak diagnosis module. Necessary preliminary work Remove rear right wheel arch trim. Comply with the following conditions in order to obtain plausible test results: Content of fuel tank: Maximum 90 % Minim

     Central Information Display (CID)

    The display used on the CIC system in known as CID (central information display) and is similar to the one used for the CCC. The diagonal measurement for the CID on the 1 Series and 3 Series remains the same as on the CCC equipped vehicle at 8.8 inches. The number of pixels of the CID has doubled

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