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BMW 7 Series: Operation via touchpad

General information

Some iDrive functions can be operated using the touchpad on the Controller.

Selecting functions

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3.  "General settings"
  4. "Touchpad"
  5. Select the desired setting:
  • "Character input": enter letters and numbers.
  • "Map": use the map.
  • "Search fields": to write letters without selecting the list field.
  • "Audio confirmation": pronounces entered letters and numbers.

Entering letters and numbers

  • Enter characters as they are displayed on the Control Display.
  • Always enter associated characters, such as accents or periods so that the letter can be clearly recognized.
  • The set language determines what input is possible. Where necessary, enter special characters via the Controller.

Entering special characters

Input /Operation

Delete a character.- Swipe to the left on the touchpad.

Enter a blank space.- Swipe to the right in the center of the touchpad.

Enter a hyphen. - Swipe to the right in the upper area of the touchpad.

Enter an underscore.- Swipe to the right in the lower area of the touchpad.

Using the map

The map in the navigation system can be moved via the touchpad.

Function / Operation

Move map. - Swipe in the appropriate direction.

Enlarge/shrink map.- Drag in or out on the touchpad with fingers.

Display menu. - Tap once.

Operation via touchscreen

General information

The Control Display is equipped with a touchscreen.

You can tap on menu items and widgets. Touch the screen with your fingers. Do not use any objects.

Opening the main menu

Tap on the symbol.

Opening the main menu

The main menu is displayed.

Adjusting widgets

The widgets can be adjusted in the main menu.

It is possible to create multiple pages with widgets and switch between pages. The adjustments can only be performed when the vehicle is stationary.

Via iDrive:

  1. Select the desired page in the main menu.

    Only the currently selected page can be adjusted.

  2. Tap the symbol in the main
  3. Select the desired adjustment:
  • Tap symbol and select
    desired widget: add new widget.

    The requested widget will be inserted in the relevant position. A maximum of four widgets can be displayed per page.

  • Tap symbol: delete
    selected widget.
  • Add new page: tap "Add page".
  • Delete selected page: tap "Delete page".
  • Adjust content of the widget: tap center of widget.
  1. Tap "Done".

Showing/hiding the display bar

In the upper area of the Control Display, it is possible to show or hide a display bar with additional functions.

  • To show the display bar, pull down the display bar at the top edge of the screen.
  • To hide the display bar, pull up the display bar at the top edge of the screen.

Changing between displays

After a menu item is selected, a new display opens.

An arrow indicates that additional displays can be opened.

  • Swipe to the left.
  • Tap arrow.

The new display opens.

Entering letters and numbers


  1. When approaching the touchscreen, a keyboard appears on the Control Display.
  2.  Enter desired letters and numbers.


Symbol /Function

- Tapping the symbol: deletes
the letter or number.

- Tapping and holding the symbol
all letters: deletes all letters or numbers.

Using the map

The navigation map can be moved using the touchscreen.

Function /Operation

Move map. - Swipe in the appropriate direction.

Enlarge/shrink map.- Drag in or out with the fingers.

Display menu. - Tap once.


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