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BMW 7 Series: Voice activation system


The voice activation system can be used to operate functions with spoken commands. The system supports you with announcements during input.

The voice control system and the feedback it provides are not a substitute for the printed or Integrated Owner's Manual.

General information

  • Functions that can only be used when the vehicle is stationary can only be operated via the voice activation system to a limited extent.
  • The system includes special microphones on the driver side and the front passenger side.
  • ›...‹ denotes commands to use with the voice activation system.

Functional requirements

  • A language must be set via iDrive that is supported by the voice activation system.
  • Always say commands in the language of the voice activation system.

Activating the voice activation system

General information

There are various methods for activating the voice activation feature:

  • Press the button on the
    steering wheel.
  • Say the wake word ›Hello BMW‹ or a personal wake word.

This symbol indicates that the
voice activation system is active.

Then say the command. No other commands may be available. In this case, operate the function via iDrive.

The voice activation can be terminated:

  • Press the button on the
    steering wheel again.
  • ›Cancel‹

This symbol indicates that the
voice activation system is deactivated.

Button on the steering wheel

  1. Press the button on the
    steering wheel.
  2. Wait for the signal.
  3. Say the command.

Wake word

General information

Speaking the wake word ›Hello BMW‹ or the personal wake word will start the system.

Preset wake word

The preset wake word ›Hello BMW‹ can be activated and deactivated.

›Hello BMW‹ activates the preset and personal wake word.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3.  "General settings"
  4.  "Language"
  5. "Activation with "Hello BMW""

Personal wake word

In addition to a preset wake word ›Hello BMW‹, a personal wake word can be set up.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2.  "Settings"
  3. "General settings"
  4. "Language"
  5. "Personal wake word"
  6.  "Start recording"

For "Start recording", online speech processing must be available and activated. Alternatively, the personal wake word can be entered using the Controller.

  1. Follow the instructions on the Control Display.


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