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BMW 7 Series: Voice activation system- Amazon Alexa Car Integration


Alexa is a digital voice-controlled assistant by Amazon. With Amazon Alexa Car Integration, Alexa can be used in the vehicle.

General information

Some of the Alexa functions are limited in the vehicle to prevent any impairment of safety while driving.

Functional requirements

  • Connected Voice Services purchased via ConnectedDrive Store.
  • Same ConnectedDrive account used in the vehicle and in the BMW Connected app.
  • Vehicle added in the BMW Connected app.
  • Amazon account and BMW account are linked in the BMW Connected app.
  • Smartphone connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth or USB.

Activation in the BMW Connected app

The Amazon Alexa Car Integration is activated in the BMW Connected app.

Follow the instructions in the app.

Activation in the vehicle

An authorization for the use of Amazon Alexa Car Integration is required every time before starting a trip.

  1. Authorizing Amazon Alexa Car Integration:
  • Connect the smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth.
  • Selects appropriate driver profile.

    Driver profiles

  1. If necessary, press the
    button on the steering wheel and wait for signal tone.
  2. Say activation word ›Alexa‹ and desired command.

Information about the active function is displayed on the Control Display.


In case of a malfunction, switch off the engine and start the engine again.

System limits

  • Certain noises can be detected and may lead to problems. Keep the doors, windows, and glass sunroof closed.
  • Noises from the front passenger or the rear seat bench can impair the system. Avoid making other noise in the vehicle while speaking.
  • Major language dialects can cause problems with the voice recognition feature. Speak loud and clear.


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