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BMW 7 Series: BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant


BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is the personal assistant that expands the voice activation system with intelligent functions and improves the interaction in the vehicle.

General information

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is available depending on the national-market version. The use of the personal assistant is based on voice operation. The voice operation is enhanced with personal recommendations and messages as well as the automation of routines.

The personal assistant is connected to other digital services such as the Concierge service and is continually being developed. The full scope requires an active driver profile.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is available in two variants:

  • In the Guest profile: the variant is linked to a vehicle and cannot be personalized. Not all described functions are available to the full extent.
  • With active Driver profile: the variant can be used and personalized in different vehicles.

    All described functions are available to the full extent.

Functional requirements

Enter the following settings to access the full range of functions:

  • The Driver profile is activated.
  • Relevant ConnectedDrive Services have been purchased via ConnectedDrive Store.
  • Registered in the ConnectedDrive Store.
  • "Online speech processing" is activated.
  • "Synchronize driver profile" under "Personalization" is activated.

    "Data privacy"

  • All settings under "BMW ConnectedDrive" activated.

    "Data privacy"

Example for function

  1. Say the wake word ›Hello BMW‹ or a personal wake word.
  2.  ›Is my engine oil level still OK?‹ The personal assistant provides information about the engine oil level.


Situational adaptation

General information

Depending on the situation, different conditions can be activated.

Condition /Description

"Do not disturb" - Incoming calls and some messages are not displayed.

"Do not learn" - Routines are no longer learned.

"Passenger on board"- Personalized variant only: private contents, e.g., emails, are not displayed.


  1. "APPS"
  2.  "Installed apps"
  3.  "Personal assistant"
  4. "Situational adjustment"
  5. Select the desired setting.

Automating routines

General information

The personal assistant can learn routines, e.g., the automatic activation of the seat heating from a specific external temperature. Rules are created for this purpose, which can be activated and deactivated at any time.

Creating a rule

  1. "APPS"
  2. "Installed apps"
  3. "Personal assistant"
  4.  "Automate habits"
  5. Select the desired setting.


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