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BMW 7 Series: BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant- Functions

Experience Modes

General information

The Experience Modes combine different vehicle functions in the car's interior to an overall experience.

For example, the selection of a mode harmonizes the ambient light and seat climate control.

Functional requirements

  • The Experience Modes app is installed in the vehicle.
  • Drive-ready state is switched on.

Selecting a mode

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Experience Modes"
  3. Select the desired mode.


  1. "CAR"
  2. "Experience Modes"
  3. "END MODE"

Adjusting the mode

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Experience Modes"
  3. Select the desired mode.
  5. Make the desired setting.

Caring Car

General information

Different vehicle functions in the car's interior are harmonized for the driver in a short-term program.

A program takes 3 minutes.


  1. "CAR"
  2. "Caring Car"
  3. Select the desired channel.

The program can be stopped prematurely: "End program"

Connected Command

General information

Connected Command enables passengers to control different functions in the vehicle via smartphone and the BMW Connected App and receive information about the trip.

Functional requirements

  • The smartphone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth and WLAN.
  • The BMW Connected app is installed on the smartphone.

Managing rights

  1. "COM"
  2.  "Mobile devices"
  3. Select the desired setting for the respective device.

Owner's Manual via voice operation


You can ask simple questions about vehicle functions and the operation of the vehicle.

General information

The voice control system and the feedback it provides are not a substitute for the printed or Integrated Owner's Manual. The voice recognition and quality of the feedback may vary.

The system supports questions that begin with How or What.

Example for function

  1. ›Hello BMW‹
  2.  ›How can the passenger airbag be deactivated‹

The voice activation system returns a feedback.

When stationary, the section of the integrated Owner's Manual is displayed on the Control Display.


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