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BMW 7 Series: Operating via the Controller

Opening the main menu

Press the button.

Operating via the Controller

The main menu is displayed.

Selecting a menu

Selecting menu items

  1. Turn the Controller until the desired menu item is highlighted.
  2.  Press the Controller.

Select a widget

  1. Move the Controller in the main menu to the right.
  2. Turn the Controller until the desired widget is selected.
  3. Press the Controller.

It is also possible to select widgets in the instrument cluster.

Adjusting the menu

Adjusting widgets

The widgets can be adjusted in the main menu.

It is possible to create multiple pages with widgets and switch between pages. The adjustments can only be performed when the vehicle is stationary.

Via iDrive:

  1. Select the desired page in the main menu.

    Only the currently selected page can be adjusted.

  2. Tip the Controller up.
  3. "Adjust main menu"
  4. Select the desired adjustment:
  • Symbol and select desired
    widget: add new widget.

    The requested widget will be inserted in the relevant position. A maximum of four widgets can be displayed per page.

  • Select symbol: delete
    selected widget.
  •  Add new page: "Add page".
  • Delete selected page: "Delete page".
  • Adjust the content of the widget: select widget.
  1. "Done"

Adjusting menu contents

The display of menus "MEDIA", "COM" and "NAV" can be adjusted, for instance to remove the entries of functions that are not used from the menu.

Via iDrive:

  1. Select the menu.
  2. "Personalize menu"
  3. Select menu items that should not be displayed.

Changing between displays

After a menu item is selected, for instance "Settings", a new display appears.

  • Move the Controller to the left.

    The current display closes and the previous display is shown.

  • Press the button.

    The previous display re-opens.

  • Move the Controller to the right.

    The new display opens.

An arrow indicates that additional displays can be opened.

Opening the Options menu

Press the button.

The "Options" menu is displayed.

The menu consists of various areas, for instance:

  • "MEDIA": control options for the selected main menu.
  • "Help": help for the selected menu.
  • "Display off": system settings.

Entering letters and numbers


  1. Turn the Controller: select letter or number.
  2.   : confirm entry.


Symbol /Function

- Press the Controller: delete
letter or number.

- Hold the Controller down:
delete all letters or numbers.

Using alphabetical lists

For alphabetical lists with more than 30 entries, the letters for which an entry exists can be displayed in a text box.

  1. Turn the Controller to the left or right quickly.
  2. Select the first letter of the desired entry.

    The first entry of the selected letter is displayed in the list.


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