BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Quick reference



 Opening and closing

Buttons on the vehicle key Unlocking Locking Opening the trunk lid Press and hold or press three times in quick succession: panic mode Press briefly: pathway lighting Unlocking the vehicle P

 Comfort Access

Concept The vehicle can be accessed without operating the vehicle key. Carrying the vehicle key with you, e.g., in your pants pocket, is sufficient. The vehicle automatically detects the vehicle key


 Active Roll Stabilization (ARS)

General Information Active Roll Stabilization was first fitted on the 7 Series predecessor, the E65/E66, and has been used in similar form since on the E6x and E7x models. This section only describes the essential details and modifications of the ARS on the F01/F02. As Vertical Dynamics Control

 System Components

DSC Components DSC Unit The DSC unit on the F01/F02 essentially uses the same technology as on the E70/E71. Versions The DSC unit comprises the DSC control unit and the hydraulic modulator. The two are attached to one another in such a way as to form a waterproof unit. The repair kits available a

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