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BMW 7 Series: Quick reference

A summary of the most important details and tasks for driving the car can be found in this section. It covers critical topics including getting inside the car, turning on the engine, adjusting the mirrors and seats, configuring seat memory, using the gear selector, and other crucial functions that drivers usually need to access fast and simply. This section provides clear and simple instructions for routine tasks when driving the BMW 7 Series, making it a useful reference guide for both new and seasoned drivers.

The Quick Reference section attempts to equip drivers with the information necessary to swiftly and efficiently use the vehicle's capabilities while on the road by offering a brief explanation of these crucial activities and functions. Both new owners learning about their BMW 7 Series and seasoned drivers in need of a fast reminder or reference while driving will find it to be a useful tool.



 Opening and closing

Buttons on the vehicle key Unlocking Locking Opening the trunk lid Press and hold or press three times in quick succession: panic mode Press briefly: pathway lighting Unlocking the vehicle P

 Comfort Access

Concept The vehicle can be accessed without operating the vehicle key. Carrying the vehicle key with you, e.g., in your pants pocket, is sufficient. The vehicle automatically detects the vehicle key



Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) Control Unit The VDM control unit is located in the passenger compartment near the right-hand A-pillar. The VDM control unit receives its power supply via Terminal 15N and is protected by a 5A fuse. The VDM control unit is activated exclusively by the Car Access Sys


Features of the Automatic Luggage Compartment Lid Actuating System The automatic luggage compartment lid actuating system will be available on the F01 as from its launch in 09/08. It will be available to order as an option and only concerns the luggage compartment lid. Automatic luggage compartme

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