BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Infotainment- Using the phone

Accepting a call

Depending on the equipment, incoming calls can be answered in several ways.

  • Via iDrive:


Press the corresponding button on the steering wheel.

  • Via the selection list in the instrument cluster: Use the thumbwheel on the steering wheel to select: "Accept"
  • Via touch screen: tap on the corresponding entry on the Control Display.
  • Via gestures: point the index finger into the direction of the Control Display.

Dialing a number

Via iDrive:

  • "COM"
  •  If necessary, "Telephone"
  •  "Dial number:"
  •  Enter the numbers.
  • Select the symbol. The connection is established via the mobile phone to which this function has been assigned.

Establish the connection via the additional phone:

  1. Press the button.

  2. "Call via"

Apple CarPlay preparation


CarPlay allows certain functions of a compatible Apple iPhone to be used via Siri voice operation and iDrive.

Functional requirements

  • Compatible iPhone.

    iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.1 or later.

  • Corresponding mobile contract.
  • Bluetooth, WLAN, and Siri voice operation are activated on the iPhone.

Switching on Bluetooth and CarPlay

Via iDrive:

  • "COM"
  • "Mobile devices"
  •  Move the Controller to the right.
  •  "Settings"
  • Select the following setting: "Apple CarPlay"
  • Activate the function.

Pairing the iPhone with CarPlay

Pair iPhone via Bluetooth with the vehicle.

Select CarPlay as the function:

"Apple CarPlay"

The iPhone is connected to the vehicle and displayed in the device list.


     On the road


    Drive-ready state Switching on drive-ready state Depress the brake pedal. Press the Start/Stop button. Switching off drive-ready state Steptronic transmission: Engage selector lever position P

     High beams, headlight flasher, turn signal

    High beams, headlight flasher Push the lever forward or pull it backward. High beams on, arrow 1. The high beams light up when the low beams are switched on. High beams off/headlight flasher, a


     Repairing Airbag Cables

    IMPORTANT: Only repair those cables which show visible signs of damage. In the event of visible damage, make sure there is only one cable repair in effect after the repair work. If no visible damage can be identified, the entire cable must be replaced. When carrying out repairs to the airbag wiring

     KDS Chassis/Wheel Alignment Check With Ride Height Measurement Without Vehicle Load

    NOTE: Read and comply with GENERAL INFORMATION AND DEFINITIONS. Read and comply with GENERAL CHASSIS DEFINITION. Update KDS DATA STATUS. Vehicles with active steering: Start up active steering prior to wheel alignment. NOTE: For vehicles with rear axle slip angle control

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