BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Set-up and use


 Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

Electrically adjustable seats Thigh support Forward/backward, height, seat tilt Upper backrest Backrest width  Lumbar support Backrest tilt, head restraint Adjusting the head restraint


Radio Changing the entertainment source CD/DVD drive Eject CD/DVD Changing the station/track Programmable memory buttons Sound output on/off, volume Waveband/satellite radio Navigation desti

 Infotainment- Using the phone

Accepting a call Depending on the equipment, incoming calls can be answered in several ways. Via iDrive: "Accept" Press the corresponding button on the steering wheel. Via the selection list


 Removing And Installing/replacing Left Or Right Tank Cover

Operations on right side analogous to left side shown. Use graphics in a mirror-inverted way. Release all screws (2). Unscrew nut (3). Feed out tank cover (1) towards rear above tension strut (4). Fig. 97: Identifying Tank Cover, Screws And Nut REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LEFT OR RIGHT TO

 Alarm system

General information When the vehicle is locked, the vehicle alarm system reacts to the following changes: Opening a door, the hood or the trunk lid. Movements in the car's interior. Changes in the vehicle tilt, for instance, during attempts at stealing a wheel or when towing the vehicle. Disc

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