BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Set-up and use


 Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

Electrically adjustable seats Thigh support Forward/backward, height, seat tilt Upper backrest Backrest width  Lumbar support Backrest tilt, head restraint Adjusting the head restraint


Radio Changing the entertainment source CD/DVD drive Eject CD/DVD Changing the station/track Programmable memory buttons Sound output on/off, volume Waveband/satellite radio Navigation desti

 Infotainment- Using the phone

Accepting a call Depending on the equipment, incoming calls can be answered in several ways. Via iDrive: "Accept" Press the corresponding button on the steering wheel. Via the selection list


 Driver profiles- Guest profile

The guest profile can be activated by any driver. Vehicle settings that are entered when the guest profile is active will be stored in the guest profile. In the following cases the guest profile is automatically active: A driver profile has not been created yet. No driver profile has been assign

 Oil Sump

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/REPLACING LOWER OIL SUMP SECTION (N63) Necessary preliminary work Remove underbody protection at front and rear. Release oil drain plug and drain engine oil. See SERVICE - ENGINE OIL. Unlock plug connection (1) on oil level sensor and disconnect. Release screws (2) alon

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