BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Infotainment



  1. Changing the entertainment source
  2. CD/DVD drive
  3. Eject CD/DVD
  4. Changing the station/track
  5. Programmable memory buttons
  6. Sound output on/off, volume
  7. Waveband/satellite radio

Navigation destination entry

Entering a destination via quick search

  1. Press the button on the
  2. "Where to?"

  3. Enter at least two letters or characters.

The search term may be completed automatically in gray print.

Press or move the controller up to apply the suggested search term.

  1. Select the symbol, if

    Results are displayed in a list.

  2. "Search location": select search location.
  3.  Move the Controller to the right.
  4. Select desired destination.

Connecting a mobile phone

General information

After the mobile phone is connected once to the vehicle, the mobile phone can be operated using iDrive and the steering wheel buttons.

Connecting the mobile phone via Bluetooth

  1. Connect entirely on the front or rear Control Display. Via iDrive:
  2. "COM"
  3. If necessary, select the following setting: "Telephone"
  4. "Connect new phone"
  5. To perform additional steps on the mobile phone, refer to the mobile phone owner's manual: e.g., search for or connect the Bluetooth device or a new device.

    The Bluetooth name of the vehicle appears on the mobile phone display. Select the Bluetooth name of the vehicle.

  6. Depending on the mobile device, a control number is displayed or the control number must be entered.
  • Compare the control number displayed on the Control Display with the control number on the display of the device.

    Confirm the control number on the device and on the Control Display.

  • Enter and confirm the same control number on the device and via iDrive.

The device is connected and displayed in the device list.


     Infotainment- Using the phone

    Accepting a call Depending on the equipment, incoming calls can be answered in several ways. Via iDrive: "Accept" Press the corresponding button on the steering wheel. Via the selection list

     On the road


    Drive-ready state Switching on drive-ready state Depress the brake pedal. Press the Start/Stop button. Switching off drive-ready state Steptronic transmission: Engage selector lever position P


     Replacing Actuator Drive For Right Footwell Flap

    Necessary preliminary tasks Remove INSTRUMENT PANEL TRIM Position of actuator drive: OVERVIEW OF ACTUATOR DRIVES ON HEATER/AIR CONDITIONER Release screws (1). Take off holder (2). Fig. 73: Identifying Holder And Screws Unclip connector piece (1) and slide downwards. Latching of connector piece

     Removing And Installing/Replacing Heating And Air-Conditioning Unit

    Notes WARNING: Danger of injury! Refrigerant circuit is under high pressure! Avoid contact with refrigerant and refrigerant fluid. Read and comply with safety information: Follow safety information for handling R 134a tetrafluorethane refrigerant. HANDLING REFRIGERANT FLUID IMPORTANT: Risk of

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