BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Driving

Drive-ready state

Switching on drive-ready state

  1. Depress the brake pedal.
  2. Press the Start/Stop button.

Switching off drive-ready state

Steptronic transmission:

  1. Engage selector lever position P with the vehicle stopped.
  2.  Press the Start/Stop button.

    The engine is switched off.

  3. Set the parking brake.

Auto Start/Stop function

The Auto Start/Stop function switches the engine off automatically while stationary to save fuel. The engine starts automatically under the following preconditions: Steptronic transmission:

  • By releasing the brake pedal.
  • When Automatic Hold is activated: step on the accelerator pedal.

Parking brake


Pull the switch.

The LED on the switch and the indicator light in the instrument cluster are illuminated.


With drive-ready state switched
on: Press the switch while stepping on the brake pedal or selector lever position P is set.

The LED and indicator light go out.

The parking brake is released.


The parking brake is automatically set if the vehicle is being held by Automatic Hold and the drive-ready state is switched off or the vehicle is exited.

Steptronic transmission

Engaging selector lever position D, N, R

Steptronic transmission

  • Drive mode D.
  •  Neutral N.
  • R is reverse.

With the driver's safety belt fastened, briefly push the selector lever in the desired direction, past a resistance point, if needed. The selector lever returns to the center position in each case.

To prevent the vehicle from creeping after you select a drive mode or reverse, maintain pressure on the brake pedal until you are ready to start.

A selector lever lock prevents the inadvertent shifting to selector lever position R or the inadvertent shifting from selector lever position P.

Engage selector lever position R only when the vehicle is stationary.

Releasing the selector lever lock

Releasing the selector lever lock

Press the button.

Engaging P

Engage selector lever position P only when the vehicle is stationary.

Engaging P

Press button P.

Steptronic transmission, Sport program and manual mode

Steptronic transmission, Sport program and manual mode

Activate the Sport program/manual mode: Press the selector lever to the left from selector lever position D.

Manual mode:

  • To shift down: press the selector lever forward.
  • To shift up: pull the selector lever rearwards.

End the sport program/manual mode: Push the selector lever to the right.


     High beams, headlight flasher, turn signal

    High beams, headlight flasher Push the lever forward or pull it backward. High beams on, arrow 1. The high beams light up when the low beams are switched on. High beams off/headlight flasher, a

     Climate control

    Automatic climate control Symbol/ Function Temperature. Air conditioning. Maximum cooling. AUTO program. Recirculated-air mode. Air flow, manual. Air distribution, manual. SYNC program. Defros

     Providing assistance

    Hazard warning flashers The button is located in the center console. Breakdown assistance BMW Roadside Assistance Via iDrive: "APPS" "Installed apps" "BMW Assist" If necessary, "BMW Roadside A


     General Information On Light Alloy Disc Wheels

    NOTE: It is sometimes difficult to distinguish light alloy disc wheels visually from steel disc wheels. Identifying features: Sticker on light alloy disc wheel. (1) = Indication "Aluminium" Wall thickness of rim dish: approx. 8 mm. Light alloy disc wheels are not magnetic. Light alloy disc whe

     Automatic climate control- Air conditioning

    Concept The air in the car's interior will be cooled and dehumidified and, depending on the temperature setting, warmed again. The car's interior can only be cooled with the drive-ready state switched on. Switching on/off Press the button. The LED is illuminated with air conditioning switched on.

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