BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Providing assistance

Hazard warning flashers

Hazard warning flashers

The button is located in the center console.

Breakdown assistance

BMW Roadside Assistance

  1. Via iDrive:
  2. "APPS"
  3. "Installed apps"
  4. "BMW Assist"
  5. If necessary, "BMW Roadside Assistance"
  6. A voice connection is established.


Concierge service

The BMW Assist Concierge service offers information on events, gas stations or hotels, and provides phone numbers and addresses. Many hotels can be booked directly by the BMW Concierge service. The Concierge service is part of the optional BMW Assist Response Center.

Via iDrive:

  1. "COM"
  2.  "BMW Assist"
  3.  If necessary, select the entry for the Concierge Service.

A voice connection to the Concierge service is established.


Teleservices are services that help to maintain vehicle mobility.

Teleservices can comprise the following services:

  • BMW Roadside Assistance.
  • BMW Accident Assistance.
  • Service Request.
  • Teleservice Report.
  • Teleservice Battery Guard.
  • Your dealer's service center.



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