BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Entering


 Opening and closing

Buttons on the vehicle key Unlocking Locking Opening the trunk lid Press and hold or press three times in quick succession: panic mode Press briefly: pathway lighting Unlocking the vehicle P

 Comfort Access

Concept The vehicle can be accessed without operating the vehicle key. Carrying the vehicle key with you, e.g., in your pants pocket, is sufficient. The vehicle automatically detects the vehicle key

 Displays, control elements

In the vicinity of the steering wheel Light switch element Turn signal indicator, high beams Instrument cluster Wipers Start/Stop button Indicator/warning lights Instrument cluster The indica


 Telephone Antenna System

In order to meet the high quality requirements that apply to the telephone system of the F01/F02, several antennas are installed in the vehicle, with the configuration depending on equipment trim level. The following antennas are used for this purpose: Roof antenna Bluetooth antenna Emergency

 Trip data

Concept Values for the trip, such as the average consumption or trip miles, are displayed. General information The trip data can be displayed on the Control Display and in the instrument cluster. The values can be displayed and reset depending on various intervals, such as after refueling. Display

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