BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Comfort Access


The vehicle can be accessed without operating the vehicle key.

Carrying the vehicle key with you, e.g., in your pants pocket, is sufficient.

The vehicle automatically detects the vehicle key when it is in close proximity or in the car's interior.

Unlocking the vehicle

Unlocking the vehicle

Grasp the handle of a vehicle door completely.

Locking the vehicle

Locking the vehicle

Touch the grooved surface on the handle of a closed vehicle door with your finger for approx.

1 second without grasping the door handle.

Opening and closing the trunk lid with no-touch activation


The trunk lid can be opened and closed with notouch activation using the vehicle key you are carrying.

Performing the foot movement

  1. Stand in the middle behind the vehicle at approx. one arm's length away from the rear of the vehicle.
  2.  Wave a foot under the vehicle in the direction of travel and immediately pull it back. With this movement, the leg must pass through the ranges of both sensors.

Performing the foot movement

Trunk lid


Trunk lid

  • Unlock the vehicle and then press the button on the outside of the trunk lid.
  • Press and hold the button
    on the vehicle key for approx. 1 second.

Depending on the setting, the doors may also be unlocked.


Press the button on the inside of
the trunk lid.


     Displays, control elements

    In the vicinity of the steering wheel Light switch element Turn signal indicator, high beams Instrument cluster Wipers Start/Stop button Indicator/warning lights Instrument cluster The indica

     Set-up and use

     Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

    Electrically adjustable seats Thigh support Forward/backward, height, seat tilt Upper backrest Backrest width  Lumbar support Backrest tilt, head restraint Adjusting the head restraint


     Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection- Warning function

    Display Symbol /Meaning - Person warning. - Animal warning. Symbol lights up red.-  Prewarning. Symbol flashes red and a signal sounds.- Acute warning. The displayed symbol may vary and shows the side of the road on which the person or animal was detected. Warning of people or animals in dange

     Electromechanical Parking Brake (EMF)

    General details The electromechanical parking brake (EMF) is applied/released by means of the parking brake button on the center console control panel. The parking brake status is indicated by the function indicator lamp on the button and an indicator lamp on the instrument cluster. Fig. 78: Inst

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