BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Paintwork


 General Instructions On Paintwork

General instructions and classification of paint stages are described on the KSD-CD (notes-general information on flat rate unit data, passenger car explanation for FR specifications for painting).

 Miscellaneous Painting

Follow GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS ON PAINTING. Engine compartment, complete Carry over the area shown symmetrically to the other side of the car. Fig. 1: Identifying Paint Applying Areas On Engine Compartm

 Notes On Handling The High Pressure Cleaner

WARNING: Only used a high pressure cleaner approved by BMW! Only instructed persons aged over 16 years may work using a high pressure cleaner. Check the high pressure cleaner and electrical wiring fo


 Tire pressure monitor- Actions in the event of a flat tire

Normal tires Identify the damaged tire. Check the tire inflation pressure in all four tires, for instance using the tire pressure gage of a flat tire kit. For tires with special approval: when the tire inflation pressure in all four tires is correct, the Tire Pressure Monitor may not have b

 Glass sunroof- Jam protection system

Concept The jam protection prevents objects or body parts from becoming jammed between the roof and glass sunroof while the glass sunroof is closing. General information If a resistance or blockage is detected while the glass sunroof is closing, the closing operation is interrupted once the roof rea

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