BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: General


 Carrying Out Ride Height Adjustment

NOTE: Ride height adjustment must be carried out after the following work: Removal/replacement of ride height sensor or its control rod (only necessary for vehicles with air suspension or vehicles

 Initial Operation With Test Run Of Dynamic Drive

NOTE: The Service function Initial operation of Dynamic Drive must be carried out after: Work on the Dynamic Drive system which involved opening hydraulic lines Replacement/Programming/Coding Dy

 Notes In The Event Of Vehicle Inclination

System-related causes (no faults) Control tolerance when "Ignition off", but vehicle is awake (e. g. hazard warning switch is lit): +- 7 mm (applies from integration level 10-06-500 or CAF 4.5.4-


 Special Tools

Brakes DEVICE Device MW Note: (Bending device) For brake lines Storage Location A3 Fig. 1: Identifying Device (345100) DEVICE Device MW NOTE: For turning back brake piston when fitting new brake pads, disc brakes front and rear. Fig. 2: Identifying Device (341050) GAUGE Minimum set: Mechanical to

 Intelligent Safety

Concept Intelligent Safety enables central operation of the driver assistance systems. General information Depending on how the vehicle is equipped, Intelligent Safety consists of one or more systems that can help prevent an imminent collision. Front collision mitigation. Evasion Assistant. Inte

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