BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Rear Light Cluster


 Overview Of Rear Lights

Fig. 84: Identifying Rear Light Cluster Components Rear light, left (side panel) Rear light, left (on tail panel) Reflector, rear Additional brake light REMOVING AND INSTALLING/RENEWING CHROME

 Replacing Rear Passenger Compartment A/C Control Panel Fan Motor

Necessary preliminary work Remove REAR PASSENGER COMPARTMENT A/C CONTROL PANEL Release screws (1). Remove fan motor (3) from A/C control panel (2). Installation note: Make sure pins (4) are corre

 Brake Lights

REMOVING AND INSTALLING/RENEWING AUXILIARY BRAKE LIGHT Remove supplementary brake light cover (1) in direction of arrow from molded roofliner (2). Fig. 93: Removing Supplementary Brake Light Cover F


 Removing And Installing/Replacing Roller Chain For Oil Pump Drive (N63)

Special tools required: 11 7 201 22 13 485 Necessary preliminary tasks: Drain engine oil. Remove flywheel. Remove bottom of oil sump. NOTE: Support bush (2) is included in delivery specification. If the crankshaft seal (1) is stored for more than six months without the support sleeve (2),

 Checking Camshaft Timing On Right Side (N63)

Notes IMPORTANT: The timing can only be checked with special tool 11 9 900. The timing may be misinterpreted if it is checked without special tool 11 9 900. Cylinders 1-4: Necessary preliminary work Remove right CYLINDER HEAD COVER Remove FAN COWL with electric fan Remove BELT PULLEY for air co

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