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BMW 7 Series: Other Flaps

Removing And Installing Flap For Fuel Filler Neck

NOTE: The illustration is a schematic representation and is to be applied to the relevant vehicle type.

Open fuel filler flap.

Lever out lock (2) and detach fuel filler flap (1) in direction of arrow.

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Fig. 463: Detaching Fuel Filler Flap


Necessary preliminary tasks


NOTE: Carry over schematic representation to the relevant vehicle type.

IMPORTANT: Deformation of the sheet metal flanges in the side panel and the wheel arch results in permanent vehicle leakage. Carry out removal/installation with great care.

Following new body parts are required (refer to Electronic Parts Catalogue ETK):

  1. Filler bowl

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Fig. 464: Identifying Filler Bowl

Release rubber collar (1) from cover bowl (2) by pressing inward.

NOTE: Rubber collar (1) remains attached to vehicle.

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Fig. 465: Identifying Rubber Collar And Cover Bowl

Press retaining strap (1) inwards and remove.

Remove grommets (2).

NOTE: Grommets (2) are replaced with new cover bowl.

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Fig. 466: Identifying Retaining Strap And Grommets

Turn sleeve (1) through approx. 45º and pull out in direction of arrow.

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Fig. 467: Turning Sleeve

Installation: Locks (1) on left/right of cover (2) must not be damaged.

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Fig. 468: Identifying Locks On Left/Right Of Cover

NOTE: For purposes of clarity, picture shows cover bowl removed.

Insert screwdriver to specified measurement a and unlock cover bowl catch.

Measurement a = approx. 10 mm

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Fig. 469: Identifying Cover Bowl Catch Unlocking Measurement

Keep cover bowl tensioned with pliers (1).

Unlock catches individually with screwdriver (2).

Unlock catches in following order:

  1. Top left
  2. Bottom left
  3. Top right
  4. Bottom right

Move screwdriver in opposite direction at both lower catches.

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Fig. 470: Unlocking Catches

Close hinge arm (1).

IMPORTANT: Do not damage sheet metal flange of side panel.

Carefully twist out cover bowl (2) at first at rear in direction of arrow from side panel and remove.

Other Flaps
Fig. 471: Removing Cover Bowl

Preparation of new part

Remove rubber collar (1) from new part.

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Fig. 472: Identifying Rubber Collar

Installation: Fit approx. 0.5 m long cable (1) in groove on rubber collar (2).

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Fig. 473: Identifying Cable And Rubber Collar

Installation: Install cover bowl (1).

Thread ends of cable (2) outwards.

Align bottom rubber collar (3) with recess (see arrow).

Pull rubber collar (3) over the cover bowl by pulling the ends of cables (2).

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Fig. 474: Aligning Bottom Rubber Collar With Recess

Installation: Slowly pull out cable ends (2).

Press rubber collar (1) into groove with special tool 00 9 321.

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Fig. 475: Pressing Rubber Collar Into Groove

Installation: Cover bowl (2) must snap into place 4 times.

After installing, carefully check cover bowl at clips for secure fit.

There must be no discernible gap between the sealing lip of the cover bowl and the side panel in the area.

Make sure rubber collar (1) is correctly seated (watertightness).

Other Flaps
Fig. 476: Identifying Rubber Collar And Cover Bowl

Installation: Catches (1) on ejector (2) must not be damaged.

Check protective cap (3) for correct seating.


Other Flaps
Fig. 477: Identifying Protective Cap, Ejector And Catches


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