BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Interior Lighting



All Interior Lighting Systems The interior lighting is based on the interior lighting on the F01/02 is based on E90. The interior lighting comprises the lights in the passenger compartment roof, lugg

 System Overview

Schematic System Circuit Diagram - Interior Lighting The system circuit diagram follows the description below and provides an overview of the full extent of all possible interior lighting options. T


Important Control Units in the Interior Lighting System The interior lighting on the F01/F02 is switched on and off by the footwell module (FRM). The roof function center (FZD) is responsible for th


 Without Surround View: rearview camera

Concept The rearview camera provides assistance in parking and maneuvering backwards. The area behind the vehicle is shown on the Control Display. Additionally, assistance functions can be shown in the display, e.g., help lines. Safety information Warning The system cannot serve as a substitute fo

 Replace Electrical Steering Box (EPS)

IMPORTANT: Steering box: Check connection of steering box for corrosion, clean contacts if necessary. The steering box must be replaced if the corrosion is too far advanced. Connecting line: In the event of moisture/corrosion inside the two plug connections, check the insulation of the connecting

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