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BMW 7 Series: Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel


 Sitting safely

Vehicle features and options This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily ava

 Front seats- Lumbar support

Concept The curvature of the seat backrest can be adjusted in a way that it supports the lumbar region of the spine. The lower back and the spine are supported for upright posture. Adjusting Press

 Rear seats

General information The seat adjustment switches are located on the center armrest of the rear seats. If the safety switch is pressed, the seats cannot be adjusted. Additional information: Safety sw


 Person warning with City braking function

Concept The system can help prevent accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. In the event of an accident, the system may reduce impact speed. The system sounds a warning in the city speed range before an imminent collision and activates brakes independently, if needed. General information The

 Pedestrian Protection

REMOVING AND INSTALLING (REPLACING) LEFT PEDESTRIAN PROTECTION SENSOR WARNING: Observe SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS for handling gas generators. Incorrect handling can activate pedestrian protection and cause injury. Necessary preliminary work Disconnect BATTERY CABLE Remove ORNAMENTAL GRILLE IN BUMPER TR

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