BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Driving


 Start/Stop button

Vehicle features and options This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily ava

 Auto Start/Stop function

Concept The Auto Start/Stop function helps save fuel. The system switches off the engine during a stop, for instance in traffic congestion or at traffic lights. Drive-ready state remains switched on.

 Auto Start/Stop function- Starting the engine

Functional requirements Steptronic transmission The engine starts automatically under the following preconditions: By releasing the brake pedal. When Automatic Hold is activated: press the acceler


 PostCrash - iBrake

Concept In the event of an accident, the system can bring the vehicle to a halt automatically without intervention by the driver in certain situations. This can reduce the risk of a further collision and the consequences thereof. At standstill After coming to a halt, the brake is released automatica


Unlocking/locking the Vehicle The vehicle unlocking/locking procedure is initiated by the following system components: ID transmitter Mechanical key/spare key Exterior trunk button (only unlocks the trunk) Central-lock button Interior trunk button on the A-pillar (only unlocks the trunk) Out

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