BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Steptronic transmission


The Steptronic transmission combines the functions of an automatic transmission with the possibility of manual shifting, if needed.

Safety information


An unsecured vehicle can begin to move and possibly roll away. There is a risk of accident.

Before exiting, secure the vehicle against rolling, for instance with the parking brake.

Selector lever positions

Drive mode D

Selector lever position for normal vehicle operation.

All gears for forward travel are activated automatically.

R is reverse

Engage selector lever position R only when the vehicle is stationary.

Neutral N

The vehicle may be pushed or roll without power, for instance in vehicle washes in selector lever position N.

Parking position P

General information

Selector lever position, for instance for parking the vehicle. The transmission blocks the drive wheels in selector lever position P.

Engage selector lever position P only when the vehicle is stationary.

P is engaged automatically

Selector lever position P is engaged automatically in situations such as the following:

  • After the drive-ready state is switched off and selector lever position R, D or M/S is engaged.
  • After the standby state has been switched off when selector lever position N is engaged.
  • If the driver's safety belt is unbuckled, the driver's door is opened, and the brake pedal is not pressed while the vehicle is stationary and selector lever position D, M/S or R is engaged.


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