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BMW 7 Series: Steptronic transmission- Launch Control


Launch Control enables optimum acceleration on surfaces with good traction under dry surrounding conditions.

General information

The use of Launch Control causes premature component wear since this function represents a very heavy load for the vehicle.

Do not use Launch Control during the break-in period.

Do not steer the steering wheel when driving off with Launch Control.

Additional information: Breaking-in period

Functional requirement

Launch Control is available when the engine is at operating temperature. The engine is at operating temperature after an uninterrupted trip of at least 6 miles/10 km.

Start with launch control

  1. Switch on drive-ready state.
  2. Press the button. TRACTION
    is displayed in the instrument cluster and the indicator light for DSC OFF lights up.
  3. Engage selector lever position S.
  4. With the left foot, forcefully press down on the brake.
  5. Press and hold down the accelerator pedal beyond the resistance point at the full throttle position, kickdown.

    A flag symbol is displayed in the instrument cluster.

  6. The starting engine speed adjusts. Wait briefly until the engine speed is constant.

    Keep accelerator pedal in this position.

  7.  Release the brake within 3 seconds after the flag symbol illuminates.

    The vehicle accelerates.

    Upshifting occurs automatically as long as the flag symbol is displayed and the accelerator pedal is not released.

Repeated use during a trip

After Launch Control has been used, the transmission must cool down for approx. 5 minutes before Launch Control can be used again.

Launch Control adjusts to the surrounding conditions, when used again.

After using Launch Control

To increase vehicle stability, activate DSC Dynamic Stability Control again as soon as possible.

System limits

An experienced driver may be able to achieve better acceleration values in DSC OFF mode.



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