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BMW 7 Series: Auto Start/Stop function- Starting the engine

Functional requirements

Steptronic transmission

The engine starts automatically under the following preconditions:

  • By releasing the brake pedal.
  • When Automatic Hold is activated: press the accelerator pedal.

Driving off

After the engine starts, accelerate as usual.

Safety mode

After the engine switches off automatically, it will not start again automatically if any one of the following conditions are met:

  • The driver's safety belt is unbuckled and the driver's door is open.
  • The hood was unlocked.

Some indicator lights light up for a varied length of time.

The engine can only be started via the Start/Stop button.

System limits

Even if driving off was not intended, the deactivated engine starts up automatically in the following situations:

  • Excessive warming of the car's interior when the air conditioning is switched on.
  • Excessive cooling of the car's interior when the heating is switched on.
  • Where there is a risk of window condensation when the automatic climate control is switched on.
  • When the steering wheel is turned.
  •  Change from selector lever position D to N or R.
  •  Change from selector lever position P to N, D, or R.
  • Vehicle battery is heavily discharged.
  • Start of an oil level measurement.

Additional functions Auto Start/ Stop

Depending on the vehicle equipment and country- specific version, the vehicle features a variety of sensors for assessing the traffic situation. The Auto Start/Stop function uses this information to adapt to various traffic situations in a proactive manner.

For instance, this applies to the following situations:

  • When a situation is detected in which the stopping time is expected to be very short, the engine is not switched off automatically.

    A message appears on the Control Display, depending on the situation.

  • When a situation is detected in which the vehicle needs to drive off immediately, the engine is started automatically.

The function may be restricted if the navigation data is invalid, outdated or not available, for example.

Deactivate/activate the system manually


The engine is not automatically switched off.

The engine is started during an automatic engine stop.

Using the button

Using the button

Press the button.

Via selector lever position or Driving Dynamics Control

The Auto Start/Stop function is also deactivated in selector lever position M/S or in SPORT driving mode of the Driving Dynamics Control.


  • LED comes on: auto Start/Stop function is deactivated.
  • LED goes out: auto Start/Stop function is activated.

Switching off the vehicle during an automatic engine stop

General information

During an automatic engine stop, the vehicle can be switched off permanently, for instance when leaving it.

Steptronic transmission

  1. Press the Start/Stop button.
  • Drive-ready state is switched off.
  • Standby state is switched on.
  • Selector lever position P is engaged automatically.
  1. Set the parking brake.

Automatic deactivation

General information

In certain situations, the Auto Start/Stop function is deactivated automatically for safety reasons, for instance if no driver is detected.


The Auto Start/Stop function no longer switches off the engine automatically. A Check Control message is displayed. It is possible to continue driving. Have the system checked by a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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