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BMW 7 Series: Auto Start/Stop function


The Auto Start/Stop function helps save fuel.

The system switches off the engine during a stop, for instance in traffic congestion or at traffic lights. Drive-ready state remains switched on.

The engine starts automatically for driving off.

General information

After each engine start using the Start/Stop button, the Auto Start/Stop function is ready. The function is activated from speeds of approx.

3 mph/5 km/h.

Depending on the selected driving mode, the system is automatically activated or deactivated.

Engine stop

Functional requirements

Steptronic transmission

The engine is switched off automatically during a stop under the following conditions:

  • The selector lever is in selector lever position D.
  • The brake pedal remains pressed while the vehicle is stationary or the vehicle is held by Automatic Hold.
  • The driver's safety belt is buckled or the driver's door is closed.

Manual engine stop

If the engine was not switched off automatically when the vehicle stopped, the engine can be switched off manually:

  • Press the brake pedal forcefully again from the current pedal position.
  • Engage selector lever position P.

When all functional preconditions are fulfilled, the engine switches off.

Air conditioner when the engine is switched off

The air flow from the air conditioner is reduced when the engine is switched off.

Displays in the instrument cluster

General information

The display in the tachometer
indicates that the Auto Start/Stop function is ready for an Automatic engine start.

The display indicates that the
conditions for an automatic engine stop have not been met.

Total time with switched-off engine

ECO PRO driving mode: depending
on the vehicle equipment, the total time that the engine has been switched off using the Auto Start/Stop function is displayed on an automatic engine stop.

The total time can be reset via the trip data.

Additional information: ECO PRO

Functional limitations

The engine is not switched off automatically in the following situations:

  • In case of a steep downhill grade.
  • Brake not engaged strongly enough.
  • The external temperature is high and automatic climate control is running.
  • The car's interior has not yet been heated or cooled to the required level.
  • Where there is a risk of window condensation when the automatic climate control is switched on.
  • Engine or other parts not at operating temperature.
  • Engine cooling is required.
  • The wheels are at a sharp angle or the steering wheel is being turned.
  • Vehicle battery is heavily discharged.
  • At higher elevations.
  • The hood is unlocked.
  • The parking assistant is activated.
  • Stop-and-go traffic.
  • Selector lever position in N or R.
  • After driving in reverse.
  • Use of fuel with high ethanol content.


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