BMW 7 Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 7 Series: Turn signal

Turn signal in exterior mirror

When driving and during operation of the turn signals or hazard warning system, do not fold in the exterior mirrors, so that the signal lights on the exterior mirror are easy to see.

Using turn signals

Using turn signals

Press the lever past the resistance point.

Triple turn signal activation

Lightly tap the lever up or down.

The triple turn signal duration can be adjusted.

Via iDrive:

  1. "CAR"
  2. "Settings"
  3.  "Exterior lighting"
  4. "One-touch turn signal"
  5. Select the desired setting.

The setting is stored for the driver profile currently used.

Signaling briefly

Press the lever to the resistance point and hold it there for as long as you want the turn signal to flash.

High beams, headlight flasher

Push the lever forward or pull it backward.

High beams, headlight flasher

  • High beams on, arrow 1.

    The high beams light up when the low beams are switched on.

  • High beams off/headlight flasher, arrow 2.


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