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BMW 7 Series: With Parking Assistant Plus: Surround View- With navigation system: activation points


Positions where Panorama View should switch on automatically can be stored as activation points provided that a GPS signal is received.

General information

Up to ten activation points can be stored.

Activation points can be used when driving forward for the front camera.

Storing activation points

  1. Drive to the position at which the system is to be switched on, and stop.
  2. Press the button.

  3. Move the Controller to the right.
  4. "Activation point" The current position is displayed.
  5.  "Save activation point"

Activation points are, if possible, stored with town/city and street address, or else with the GPS coordinates.

Using activation points

The use of activation points can be switched on and off.

  1. Press the button.

  2. Move the Controller to the right.
  3.   "Settings"

  4. "Panorama View, GPS-based"
  5. "Panorama View is displayed automatically when set activation points are reached."

Displaying activation points

  1. Press the button.

  2.  Move the Controller to the right.
  3. "Manage points"

A list of all activation points is displayed.

Renaming or deleting activation points

  1. Press the button.

  2. Move the Controller to the right.
  3. "Manage points"
    A list of all activation points is displayed.
  4. Select an activation point as needed.
  5.  To perform the desired setting:
  • "Rename"
  • "Delete activation point"
  • "Delete all activation points"

Setting brightness and contrast

Brightness and contrast can be adjusted with Surround View or Panorama View switched on.

Via iDrive:

  1. Move the Controller to the right, if needed.
  2. "Camera image"

  3. To perform the desired setting:
  • "Brightness"

  • "Contrast"

Functional limitations

The system can be used only to a limited extent in the following situations:

  • In poor light.
  • In case of soiled cameras.
  • With a door open.
  • With the trunk lid open.
  •  With exterior mirrors folded in.

Gray hatched areas with symbol, for instance open door, in the camera image mark areas that are currently not displayed.

With Parking Assistant Plus: Surround View- System limits

Non-visible areas

Because of the camera angle, the areas under the vehicle cannot be viewed by the cameras.

Detection of objects

Very low obstacles as well as high, protruding objects such as ledges may not be detected by the system.

Some assistance functions also consider data from the PDC Park Distance Control.

Follow the notes in the PDC Park Distance Control chapter.

The objects displayed on the Control Display may be closer than they appear. Do not estimate the distance from the objects on the display.

Additional information: PDC Park Distance Control


A camera malfunction is displayed on the Control Display.

A yellow symbol is displayed and
the recording range of the malfunctioning camera is displayed in black on the Control Display.


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