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BMW 7 Series: With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant


With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant

The system supports the driver in the following situations:

  • When parking parallel to the road, parallel parking.
  • When reverse parking diagonally to the road, diagonal parking. The system orients itself with the middle of the parking space during diagonal parking.
  • Depending on the equipment version: when driving out of parallel parking spaces.

General information


Parking assistant handling is divided into three steps:

  • Switching on and activating.
  • Parking space search.
  • Parking.

System status and instructions on required actions are displayed on the Control Display.

Ultrasound sensors measure parking spaces on both sides of the vehicle.

Steptronic transmission

The parking assistant calculates the best possible parking line and takes control of the following functions during the parking procedure:

  • Steering.
  • Accelerating and braking.
  • Changing the gears.

Parking is automatic.

Remote Control Parking

The vehicle can be remotely parked and driven out in reverse if suitable forward-parking spaces are available.

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing the traffic conditions. Based on the limits of the system, it cannot independently react to all traffic situations. There is a risk of accident. Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.


The parking assistant can steer the vehicle over or onto curbs. There is a risk of damage to property. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.

The safety information of the PDC Park Distance Control applies in addition.

Additional information: PDC Park Distance Control


Button in the vehicle

Button in the vehicle

Park assistance button

Ultrasound sensors

Ultrasound sensors

With the four side ultrasound sensors, arrows, and the ultrasound sensors in the bumpers, the parking spaces are measured and the distances to obstacles determined.

Functional requirements

Ultrasound sensors

Ensure full functionality:

  • Do not cover sensors, for instance with stickers.
  • Keep the sensors clean and unobstructed.

For measuring parking spaces

  • Maximum speed while driving forward approx. 22 mph/35 km/h.
  • Maximum distance to row of parked vehicles: 5 ft/1.5 m.

Suitable parking space

General information:

  • Gap behind an object that has a min. length of 1.7 ft/0.5 m.
  • Gap between two objects with a minimum length of approx. 1.7 ft/0.5 m.

Parallel parking to the road:

  • Min. length of gap between two objects: your vehicle's length plus approx. 2.6 ft/0.8 m.
  • Minimum depth: approx. 5 ft/1.5 m.

Diagonal parking:

  • Minimum width of the gap: own vehicle's width plus approx. 2.3 ft/0.7 m.
  • Minimum depth: your vehicle's length.

    The depth of diagonal parking spaces must be estimated by the driver. Due to technical limitations, the system is only able to approximate the depth of diagonal parking spaces.

For parking

  • Doors and trunk lid are closed.
  • Driver's safety belt is fastened.


     With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant- Switching on and activating

    Switching on with the button Press the park assistance button. The LED lights up. The current status of the parking space search is indicated on the Control Display. Parking assistant is activated

     With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant- Driving out of a parking space using the parking assistant

    Concept The system makes driving out of parallel parking spaces easier. General information Steptronic transmission The parking assistant calculates an optimal line for pulling out of a parking space

     With Parking Assistant: Reversing Assistant

    Concept The system supports the driver when driving in reverse, for instance when driving out of tight or confusing parking or street situations. The vehicle stores the driving movements of the last


     Laser high beams

    Concept The range of the high beams is increased and ensures an even better illumination of the road. General information When the high beams are switched-on, starting with a speed of approx. 37 mph/60 km/h, the laser high beams in the headlight are automatically switched on in addition to the LED h

     Automatic Closing

    With the exception of the luggage compartment lid button in the A-pillar, all luggage compartment lid buttons are able to initiate automatic closing. This luggage compartment lid button cannot be used to start the automatic closing procedure. Closing Luggage Compartment Lid The luggage compartmen

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