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BMW 7 Series: With Parking Assistant: Reversing Assistant


The system supports the driver when driving in reverse, for instance when driving out of tight or confusing parking or street situations.

The vehicle stores the driving movements of the last route. This stored route can be driven back with automated steering.

The system takes control of the steering when driving in reverse along the stored route.

The driver controls driving the vehicle via accelerator pedal and brake.

General information

The Reversing Assistant uses the control elements and sensors of the PDC Park Distance Control and the Automatic Parking Assistant.

Additional information:

  • PDC Park Distance Control
  • Parking assistant

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing the traffic conditions. Based on the limits of the system, it cannot independently react to all traffic situations. There is a risk of accident. Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.

Additionally, the Safety Instructions for the PDC Park Distance Control and the Automatic Parking Assistant apply.

Additional information:

  • PDC Park Distance Control
  • Parking assistant

Functional requirements

  • Drive forward without interruption to store the route.
  • A maximum of 165 ft/50 m will be stored.
  • To store the route, do not exceed a driving speed of 22 mph/36 km/h.
  • The return route must be at least 12 in./30 cm wider than your vehicle.

Driving back with automated steering

  1. Press the park assistance button or shift into reverse gear when the vehicle is stationary and the drive-ready state is switched on.
  2.  Move the Controller to the right.
  3.  "Back-up Assistant" The system takes over the steering.
  4. Follow the instructions on the Control Display where required.
  5. Take your hands off the steering wheel and carefully drive off with the accelerator pedal and the brake.

    When driving in reverse, pay attention to the vehicle's surroundings, and if you suddenly encounter an obstacle, stop immediately and take over control of the vehicle. Follow the instructions on the PDC Park Distance Control.

  6. Stop no later than when normal traffic is reached and take control of the vehicle, such as by shifting to a forward gear.

    At the end of the stored route, a signal will sound and a request will be displayed, also with the instruction to take control of the vehicle.

Terminating the system

The system automatically cancels in situations such as the following:

  • When the driver grasps the steering wheel or takes over steering.
  • When engaging a forward gear.
  • During activation or intervention by driving control systems or assist systems.
  • After a few minutes when the vehicle is stationary.
  • If the vehicle leaves the stored lane during reversing; for example, at the maximum steering angle.
  • When the display on the Control Display is cross-faded with messages, e.g., due to incoming calls.

System limits

  • When you reach normal road traffic or if you suddenly encounter an obstacle, stop immediately and take over control of the vehicle.
  • The maximum speed for driving in reverse is limited to approximately 6 mph/9 km/h. If the maximum speed is exceeded, a warning is issued and the function may be canceled.
  • Additionally, the limits of the Automatic Parking Assistant system and the PDC Park Distance Control apply.


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