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BMW 7 Series: Remote Control Parking


The vehicle can be remotely parked and driven out in reverse in the case of suitable forwardparking spaces, for instance a garage. The driver is not in the vehicle, but controls the parking procedure responsibly from the outside using the BMW display key.

Stop the vehicles manually in the case of obstacles.

Using the BMW display key, the vehicle can be moved by approx. 2 times the vehicle length.

The speed is approx. 1.1 mph/1.8 km/h.

General information

The following systems are included in the system:

  • Parking assistant.
  • BMW display key.
  • PDC Park Distance Control.

Button on the BMW display key:
the button on the side of the BMW display key must be pressed and held for the duration of the parking procedure so that the vehicle can move. Release the button for obstacles to manually stop the vehicle.

The vehicle stops with emergency braking.

If the ultrasound sensors detect obstacles in the parking space or the end of the parking space, the system automatically stops the vehicle as needed.

The headlight is switched on for the duration of the procedure.

Safety information


The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver's personal judgment in assessing traffic and parking situation. Based on the limits of the system, it cannot independently react to all situations.

There is a risk of accident. Watch traffic and parking situation closely and actively intervene where appropriate.


Unauthorized persons, for instance children, can move the vehicle using the BMW display key without anybody in the vehicle. There is a risk of accident. Protect the BMW display key against unauthorized use.


The parking assistant can steer the vehicle over or onto curbs. There is a risk of damage to property. Watch traffic closely and actively intervene where appropriate.


Ultrasound sensors

Ultrasound sensors

With the four side ultrasound sensors, arrows, and the ultrasound sensors in the bumpers, the parking spaces are measured and the distances to obstacles determined.


In addition to the ultrasonic sensors, the parking situation during Remote Control Parking is detected using four cameras.


Front camera.


Rearview camera.


One camera is located at the bottom of each exterior mirror housing.

Functional requirements

General information

There are no occupants in the vehicle during the parking procedure.

Driver interventions in the vehicle's interior, such as steering, will cancel the function.

Cameras and ultrasound sensors

  • Do not cover sensors, for instance with stickers.
  • Keep sensors clean and unobstructed. Clean them as needed.
  • Keep camera lenses clean and unobstructed.

    Clean them as needed.

Suitable parking space

Suitable parking space

  • It is possible to forward-park into the parking space in a straight, centered line.
  • Width of the parking space: vehicle's own width without exterior mirrors, plus approx. 1.3 ft/0.4 m on each side, arrow 1.
  • Distance to parking space, max. 6.5 ft/2 m, arrow 2.
  • To move the vehicle with remote control, the driver must hold the BMW display key within the wireless range, arrow 3, outside the vehicle.

    Maximum distance to vehicle approx. 5 ft/1.5 m to approx. 10 ft/3 m.

  • Uphill or downhill grades max. 5 %.
  • No duplex garages.


     Remote Control Parking- Forward parking

    Parking While driving forward, the system applies minor steering corrections as needed. Approach the parking space driving forward, as straight and centered as possible and with a maximum distance

     Remote Control Parking- System limits

    Safety information Warning The system is designed to operate in certain conditions and circumstances. Due to conditions or other factors, the system may not respond. There may be a risk of accident

     Cross traffic warning

    Concept At blind driveways or when driving out of diagonal parking spaces, approaching cross traffic is detected sooner by the system than is possible from the driver's seat. General information Two


     Safety At Work

    1.1 Working with aluminium dust Wear a fine dust mask. E52 only: Use an explosion-proof extractor system (refer to Service Information 5 01 00 532). Note national regulations. 1.2 Removing sealant Hydrochloric acid is created when PVC sealing material is heated to temperatures in excess o

     System Components

    Components The BMW Night Vision system consists of the following components: Night Vision camera with camera bracket and camera washer jet Night Vision control unit Button in light switch center Sensor system Night Vision installation Locations Fig. 8: Identifying BMW Night Vision System C

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