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BMW 7 Series: Wireless charging tray


The wireless charging tray enables the following functions to be performed without cables:

  • Charging the rechargeable battery of a mobile phone with Qi capability and of other mobile devices, which support the Qi standard.
  • Charging the BMW Display key.
  • Connect the mobile phone to the external antenna.

Depending on the country, this provides for better network reception and a consistent reproduction quality.

General information

When inserting the mobile phone, make sure there are no objects between it and the wireless charging tray.

During charging, the surface of the tray and the mobile phone may become warm. Higher temperatures may lead to a reduction in the charge current through the mobile phone, and in isolated cases the charging process is paused temporarily.

Follow the relevant instructions in the mobile phone owner's manual.

The charge indicator shows on the
Control Display whether a mobile phone with Qi capability is being charged.


This device has been tested for human exposure limits and found compliant at a minimum distance of 2 in/5 cm during operation.

Therefore, a distance of 4 in/10 cm must be maintained in every direction when operating the device.

Wireless charging tray

Mounting position of the product.

Safety information


When charging a device that meets the Qi standard in the wireless charging tray, any metal objects located between the device and the tray can become very hot. Placing storage devices or electronic cards, such as chip cards, cards with magnetic strips or cards for signal transmission, between the device and the tray may impair the card function. There is a risk of injury and risk of damage to property. When charging mobile devices, make sure there are no objects between the device and the tray.


The tray is intended for mobile phones up to a particular size. Forceful inserting of the mobile phone into the tray can damage the tray or the mobile phone. There is a risk of damage to property. Observe the maximum dimensions for mobile phones. Do not force the mobile phone into the tray.


Tray in the center console:

Wireless charging tray

  1. LED
  2. Storage area

Functional requirements

  • The mobile phone must compatibly support the required Qi standard.

    If the mobile phone does not support the Qi standard, the mobile phone can be charged using a special Qi-compatible charging case.

  • Standby state is switched on.
  • A possible parking maneuver via Remote Control Parking must be completed.
  • Observe the maximum dimensions of the mobile phone.
  • Use only protective jackets and covers up to a maximum thickness of 0.07 in/2 mm; otherwise, the charging function may be impaired.
  • The mobile phone to be charged is located in the center of the tray.


Inserting the mobile phone

The mobile phone must not exceed the maximum size of approximately 6.0 x 3.1 x 0.7 in/154.5 x 80 x 18 mm.

  1. Open the tray cover.
  2. Place the mobile phone centered in the tray with the display facing up.
  3. Close the tray cover.

Removing the mobile phone

  1. Open the tray cover.
  2. Remove the mobile phone.

LED displays

Color/ Meaning

Blue- The mobile phone is charging.

The blue LED stays illuminated once the inserted mobile phone with Qi capability is fully charged.

Orange - The mobile phone is not charging.

Temperature on the mobile phone possibly too high or foreign object in charging tray.

Red-  The mobile phone is not charging.

Contact a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.


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